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CRAZY! Zoey's Party Trouble!

What's this Masami guy's problem?!

Sairaag. A holy city. Waitaminit!! It’s not supposed to be half gone!!

Upon our arrival here in Sairaag, we found half the city destroyed -- the half that happened to have the temples and shrines necessary for Tannah to be healed!!

So what now? Nepha’s directed us to the legendary city of Hyrule, where we hope to find Princess Zelda and her companions. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can find someone there who will help!

CRAZY! Zoey’s Party Trouble!

“Hyrule,” sighed Lina Inverse, looking up at the huge city. “The kingdom of legends. Rumor has it that behind the Door of Time in the Temple of Time, there lies the Golden Triforce, the three golden triangles that hold this land together in peace and harmony.”

“Before Ganondorf tried to steal it,” sighed Princess Nepha of Feli.

All eyes were on her.

“What do you mean?” asked Zelgadis Graywords.

“The Triforce no longer resides behind that mystical gate, but I’ll explain that later,” Nepha stated. “Look up ahead!”

Everyone looked up, and saw the beautiful sight of Hyrule Castle in the distance. Over to one side, a girl with green eyes, long red hair, and pointed ears was riding up to them.

“Hi!” she said. “I’m Malon, of Lonlon Ranch. Are you new here?”

Nods. Suddenly, the girl recognized one of their traveling group.

“Princess Nepha?” she questioned.

“Malon!” laughed Nepha. “I thought it was you!”

Malon jumped off her horse and hugged Nepha, proving they were obviously old friends.

“You’re looking for Princess Zelda, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” nodded Gourry Gabriev. He motioned to where Rezo the Red Priest stood quietly, still carrying Tannah the White Priestess’ limp form. “See?”

“Ooh,” Malon cringed. “Well, you’ll need an escort to take you to her. Hang on, I’ll get you the best I know.”

She sang a song (and for those of you who know Zelda, she’s NOT calling Epona!!) and a girl rode up, riding a midnight black rapidash with a blue flame mane and tail. The girl was about 5’7” in height, and had short cut brown hair with tortoiseshell rimmed glasses that hid dark green eyes. Her skin was dark, as if she had stayed out in the sun for a long time, and she was wearing the traditional outfit of the Gerudo people.

“Hello, Malon,” she said quietly. “You called?”

“Could you and Midnight escort a friend of mine and her friends to see Princess Zelda?” asked Malon. “Their friend needs help.”

The girl looked at Tannah, then climbed off her pokémon.

“Certainly,” she said to Malon. Quietly, she turned to the group. “I may as well introduce myself. I am the Great Sorceress Auburn Lawrence of Hyrule, Princess of the Gerudos and Guardian of the Hero of Time.”

“Princess of the Gerudos?!” asked Lina in shock. “But that would mean your father is. . .”

“Don’t go there,” growled Auburn, getting into Lina’s face.

“She’s very sensitive about her parents,” Malon explained.

Lina nodded as the Gerudo girl mounted her Rapidash.

“Follow me,” she said, then began riding slowly.

Everyone followed her.


“Nepha, hi! How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” cried Princess Zelda as Auburn led the group into the castle. “What’s going on?”

“Zelda, if you could, a friend of ours really needs help,” stated Nepha, motioning towards Tannah.

“Most certainly! We’ll get your friend to a good healer, then get you set up at the castle for as long as you need!”

Rezo decided to stay with Tannah at the temple where she was being healed. The others went with Zelda back to Hyrule Castle.

“If none of you mind, we’re having a large party here tonight. It’s Link’s birthday. It may get your spirits up if you come,” Zelda suggested, smiling a little.

Looks were exchanged among the group.

“We’d be happy to come, your highness, but. . .” Lina began. “I think we’d be a little underdressed for the occasion.”

“Well, Link and Zelgadis are about the same size, and Jette can conjure up a suit for Gourry. Nepha and I have always worn the same size, and I’m sure one of my old dresses will fit you,” stated Zelda. “C’mon, let’s get you all fixed up!”


Zelgadis looked down at himself, the tux a little too formal for his own liking. His midnight blue eyes were shown a little too well against the white suit, his hands in cream colored gloves that were exactly like the ones he normally wore. His silvery hair was pulled into a ponytail. As he stared at himself in the mirror, he still only saw the monster beneath the formality. Link gave him a pat on the back.

“Don’t worry, Zel,” he comforted. “Nepha’s gonna fall over when she sees what we’ve got you looking like.”

When Gourry walked out, both of them nearly toppled. He was wearing a black suit, his blond hair pulled back in a similar fashion to Zelgadis’.

“Nice, Gourry,” smiled Zelgadis. “Lina’ll fall flat on her face when she sees how you look.”

Gourry blushed a little, and though he tried to hide it, both Link and Zelgadis chuckled. Yep. That boy was in love.


“I don’t know, Zelda, this seems a little. . .formal,” muttered Lina, looking at the slinky blue oriental number she was wearing.

“Don’t be silly, Lina, that’s a beautiful dress,” giggled Nepha. “You look good in it.”

“Yeah, and look at yours. You look like a panther more like you do a Turkish angora,” grumbled Lina.

Zelda and Nepha smiled. The half-Felinic princess was donned in a sleek black dress, form hugging with spagetti straps. Up one side was a slit. Zelda smiled as she adjusted the band around Lina’s neck.

“Believe me, Lina, you look great,” she chuckled. “Gourry will die when he sees you in this!”


Introductions, introductions. The guys were already downstairs, introduced as necessary. It was the girls’ turn.

“Presenting, her Royal Highness, the Princess Zelda of Hyrule,” said one of the imperial court members.

Zelda descended the stairs gracefully, instantly going over to Link.

“Presenting, her Royal Highness, the Princess Nepha Elonsa of Feli,” said the imperial court member again.

When Nepha stepped out, Zelgadis’ jaw hit the ground. Nepha smiled a little. Though the others wouldn’t be introduced, they would follow down.

Lina was the next to descend the steps, and Gourry’s jaw went further through the floor than Zelgadis’. His eyes were fixated on the sleek blue oriental number she was wearing, which accented every curve of her petite frame. That. . .wasn’t really Lina, was it?

Lina smiled a little. Hook, line, and sinker!


Zoey stared at herself in the mirror. Black bodysuit, black jeans, and a trenchcoat. That was as formal as she was getting! Let the other girls dress in white prep outfits, not her.

Besides, who was she going to meet down there? No one, that's who! As far as she knew, Nepha was the only one who could actually stand the look. . .the chimera look. And, well, Zoey definitely didn't swing that way.


Masami entered the castle warily. He was one of the few humans Princess Zelda invited, because he was a powerful sorcerer and a good friend of the royal family of Hyrule. Suit and tie get-up. Hmph. Why did he have to wear a suit and tie? A nice sweater and dress pants, that would do for him. Oh well. Like he was going to meet anyone anyhow. Who was he going to meet at one of these royal parties? No one, that's who!


Lina giggled a little, actually feeling quite confident. The reaction Gourry had to her outfit was outrageous! His jaw had quite practically hit the floor when she had walked down the steps. Nepha walked over from where she was talking to Zelgadis.

"So, Lina, how'd Gourry take the outfit?" questioned Nepha.

Lina smiled and winked.

"He took it," she responded.

The two laughed a little, before someone at the top of the steps caught their attention. Zoey was standing there, leaning against the banister, staring hard at her brother. Talk about a contradiction to the room. She was as informal as informal could get!!

"Would you look at that," Nepha sighed. "I knew she didn't like dresses, but that's ridiculous."

Zoey descended the stairs quickly, deciding to mingle only. She saw Masami across the room, and for a split second their gaze met. Masami blinked once, amazed. Someone who liked this just about as much as he did, perhaps?

A second or so later, Zoey turned her head and walked towards where Nepha had gone over to talk to Prince Philionel and his daughter Amelia. Masami's eyes followed her movement, making sure he didn't miss one thing she did. From behind him, he heard a small noise. He turned to see Zelgadis standing behind him with a slight smile on his face.

"I doubt it's Amelia you're watching," Zelgadis joked. "And if it is, I'll have to shoot you."

Masami's eyes lowered as he smiled. "Sorry to disappoint you, Zelgadis, but no. I was…"

Zelgadis' expression grew cold. "My sister?"

Masami felt fear rise up. "Your. . .uh. . .what?"

Zelgadis scoffed. "What? You couldn't tell?"

"Well, to be honest with you. . .I never even noticed you were here until just now."

Zelgadis sighed in a "you're an idiot" manner. "You've heard of us, haven't you?"

Masami nodded. "Oh, well, yeah, but I never gave it much thought. Never really thought I'd ever meet you." He paused and smiled. "I'm glad I did." Zelgadis' hard expression forced Masami's smile to fade into a flat line. He decided to quickly change the subject. "So. . .how'd you become a chimera?" Masami felt like slapping himself, jumping off a cliff, dancing with Philionel. . .ANYTHING to get away from the stare he was getting from the man in front of him. Masami tried to save himself. "I-I mean. . .who did that to you. . .oh, crap. . ."

Zelgadis stood strong and tall in front of the wizard who felt as if he were getting smaller and smaller. Masami wished he could disappear. Zelgadis let out a breath.

"My grandfather Rezo did this, thank you very much," he replied, being frightenly tranquil.

Masami didn't know how to respond. All that got out was, "Oh."

The chimera took in a breath through his nose. "So, why haven't you introduced yourself to Zoey?"

"Zoey?" Masami repeated. "That's her name?"

"No, genius," Zelgadis said, slapping Masami on his head. "It's mine!" He looked around, but Masami was gone. "Hey, where'd you go?" He felt a tug on his white dress pants. He looked down to see Masami on the floor looking up at him. Zelgadis put his hand behind his head. "Sorry."

"No problem," Masami said through a scratching throat.
,br> He forced himself to stand as Zelgadis started talking again. "You didn't answer my question."

"What was it, again?" the wizard asked, rubbing the back of his head with the pulsating pain.

"Why haven't you talked to my sister?" Zelgadis repeated. "Do you want me to…"

"No," Masami quickly interrupted. "I'll do it on my own."

"Not if you're dead," Zelgadis said, his voice serious. Masami froze. He knew he'd never be able to beat a chimera. Especially at a royal gathering. Masami just stood speechless. Then, the panic flooded from him as Zelgadis smiled. "Just kidding!"

He laughed, slapping Masami on the back. Masami fell forward onto the ground again.

"You won't be kidding for long if you keep that up."

"Sorry," Zelgadis said, laughing as he walked away.


Across the room, Zoey had noticed the man her brother was talking to. She didn't even notice Amelia talking to her.

"Miss Zoey?" she said. "Hey, Miss Zoey, can you hear me?"

Zoey turned her head back to the blue eyed princess. "Oh. . .sorry, Amelia. You were saying?"

She made it look like she was looking and listening, but out of the corner of her eye she was watching Masami approach. She didn't feel like listening to Amelia's justice speeches anyhow.

"Miss Zoey, you blanked out again."

Zoey blinked several times before she realized Amelia was looking up at her, hands on her hips.

"Sorry, Amelia, I just. . ."

She was stopped as Masami walked up to her.

"I just met your brother," he said simply.

Zoey folded her arms across her chest, turning from Amelia.

"So?" she questioned. "Is that supposed to be a big thing?"

"Well, it's not supposed to be," shrugged Masami. "If you want to make it a big thing, I was just starting conversation with a common thread."

Amelia looked back and forth between the two. Bad vibes, this didn't look good. Zoey already looked like she didn't like this guy. Quickly, Amelia slipped off. She didn't want to be in the middle of THIS fight!!

"Who said we had to have a conversation?" asked Zoey, narrowing her eyes.

"I was not aware that I needed an invitation. This is a social thing, I thought I'd be sociable. You strike me as a person who is sociable," he explained, "or in great need of it."

"Well, next time you know you'll need an invitation," growled Zoey. "Go be sociable with someone else."

"I've already started with you. I can't leave you unsociable," Masami chuckled. "Since I've met your brother, I thought I may as well meet you. That way, we can identify the body."

"The only person you need to be afraid of is me," Zoey stated flatly.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself," countered Masami. "And unless you're fear - which I doubt - I really have no need to fear you. Nervousness and anticipation, on the other hand, is another thing."

"Look close in these eyes," snapped Zoey. "This is as close to fear as you'll get."

Masami got in close to her face, looking deep into her eyes. He was just a tad close to Zoey for her own comfort, and she just stared back.

"I don't fear it," he smiled. "It only makes me want it more."

Zoey felt her hands clench into fists. Just as she raised her hand for a punch, a third voice broke in from behind them.

"I wouldn't go that far, if I were you."

Masami turned as Zoey let out an exasperated breath.

There stood a pair of identical twin siblings, both of them with short cut dark purple hair. Eyes closed, smiling, the two looked as annoying as that spoken voice had sounded. They were easily told apart. The one who had spoken, the male twin, was wearing a wine red tux, most of his hair pulled into a loose ponytail. The girl was wearing a wine red party dress, most of her hair pulled into a bun at the back of her head. Identical in every aspect.

"Xellos, Xella. . ." groaned Zoey. "Don't you two ever knock?!"

"Terribly sorry, Zoey!" Xella giggled. "Just thought we would keep this nice young man from going back to puberty."

Xellos lifted his head a little, shock coming to him from the statement. His lavender eyes flashed before his face became annoyingly cheerful again.

"We may as well tell you," he said, "that there's going to be some trouble here tonight."

Zoey leaned against the wall, closing her eyes. "And what brought this information to you, Xellos Metallium?"

"Now that," chuckled Xellos, waving his finger at her, but he couldn't finish his statement.

"We know, Xellos, we know," groaned Zoey. "It's a secret." She lifted her head to look at the trickster priest and priestess. "Why tell us? You two usually don't like to tell things like that. . .not to me at least."

"Why would we keep this from our good friend?" asked Xella with a shrug. "After all, it concerns you and the young man Masami."

"Xella, darling, I've taught you the trick of the trade," Zoey said, narrowing her eyes. "Why tell me?"

Masami was now standing next to Xellos, both of them listening to the conversation of the two girls. On occasion, they would glance at each other hatefully, then back at Xella and Zoey.

"And why warn me?" Masami asked suddenly. "You don't even know me."

Xellos gave Masami a look that shot icicles.

"That's not for you to know," he growled. "It's for her benefit, not yours."

Xella walked over to stand a little behind her brother, noting that Zelgadis was now approaching.

"Don't look now, my dearest brother, but someone's approaching. . .and he looks none too happy with us," Xella whispered, leaning close to her brother so he could hear.

Xellos turned his head a little. Zelgadis was almost up to them.

"Well, we really should be going!" Xellos grinned.

Both of them bowed, and faded out like the bubbles in wine. Masami raised a brow.

*Strange, that Xellos. . .* thought Masami. *His sister too. There's something not right about them. . .I wouldn't doubt if they start the trouble tonight!*

He lifted his head to say something to Zoey, but she had already walked off.


The party was going along great, at first. Zoey, however, had a strange feeling that something wasn’t right with Xellos. His eyes had been a lavender tone, like Xella’s, not violet. His eyes were supposed to be violet.

She knew something was about to happen, something bad, she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

The twins had settled to mingling, but Zoey noticed that Xella was by herself and not with her brother.

*What the. . .?* she thought in confusion. *Xella’s never seen apart from Xellos for more than 5 minutes unless there’s a lot of trouble and they have to split up, but this is odd. Where _is_ Xellos, anyhow?*

She suddenly heard a scream. A fireball had just exploded somewhere across the room. Quickly, she drew her sword, which was hidden beneath her trenchcoat. Things were going to get bad.

Before she could attack the perpetrator, however, Xella was at her side, pulling as if she knew what was wrong.

“What is it, Xella?” Zoey asked in aggravation.

“It’s Xellos!!” exclaimed Xella. “He’s the one causing the trouble! You oughta see him. . .his eyes are blood red!”

Zoey lifted her head slightly. She knew it.


Zoey and Xella snuck up behind the priest quietly. Indeed, he stood there in his normal regalia, throwing fireballs casually. Off his rocker. . .totally.

“Oy, I’ve never seen Xellos like that,” whispered Zoey. “Look at him. It’s like he doesn’t care.”

“It’s really scaring me,” shuddered Xella quietly. “He. . .he’s acting like he’s lost his mind.”

“I’d tackle him, but it seems he has a hostage. . .”

When Xella gave Zoey a confused look, the femme chimera pointed at Xellos. He had Nepha held hostage! No wonder the others hadn’t attacked yet.

“What’ll we do?” asked Xella.

“I’ll distract him. You get Nepha out of there, then I’ll take him down.”

The two nodded as Zoey stood.

“Hey, namagomi!”

Xellos turned. His eyes were crimson red, not violet, not even lavender.

*So my premonition was right,* Zoey thought.

“Someone to challenge me?” chuckled Xellos.

Xella, in the meanwhile, slipped behind her brother and got Nepha out of the line of fire as quickly as possible.

Zoey leapt at Xellos as soon as they were out.

The struggle went on for several minutes. It was Zoey’s grip and stone vs. Xellos’ overall strength, which was great compared to the appearance he gave off.

“Damn!!” cried Zoey, fighting to throw Xellos off.

He had pinned her. That very well may have been it. Had she not pooled her strength the best she could and thrown Xellos off into a wall.

“Itai. . .” he purred as he stood, almost as if he was contented with the pain!!

“No. . .” uttered Zoey. “Mazoku?”

She shook the thought away.

Without a second thought, she slammed her shoulder into Xellos’ midsection, knocking him unconscious. With a quick Flow Break, the groaning priest was brought to his senses. And yet, he still seemed oddly comforted by the pain as he awoke.

“Zoey?” he questioned softly. “What’s going on?”

Zoey stood.

“It’s a long story,” Zoey sighed. “In the meanwhile, let’s get you fixed up.”

Xella walked over and watched as Xellos was helped out.

“He’ll be fine,” reassured the priestess. “Don’t worry.”

She followed her brother as Zoey narrowed her eyes.

“Sure,” she said softly. “He’ll be okay.”


That night, as Zoey walked into her room, she was stopped by a dark figure standing off to the side inside the room!

“I took a draw and wound up with the Queen of Hearts.”

“Masami,” growled Zoey.

Masami waved his hand a little and the oil lanterns were lit, however dimly.

“Thought I’d come up and wish you goodnight,” Masami smiled a little.

Zoey sighed and turned from him, taking off the trenchcoat and tossing it onto the bed.

“Why do you insist on following me around?” she questioned.

“I was intrigued by you from the moment I first heard of the mysterious girl who would be like a fleeting image, just like her brother,” Masami admitted, looking at her through smouldering brown eyes, “and was hoping you’d give me a chance. . .”

Zoey frowned a little, but finally smiled.

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s talk.”

And she kicked the door shut.


A dream. A perfect dream, one he had experienced many times before. Zelgadis shuddered a little. Another one of those Nepha dreams. . .

Nepha’s eyes fluttered open in dizzy shock. It had been her own choice to sleep in the same bed as Zelgadis, but she hadn’t expected this! She was far too aware of his warm, firm lips caressing her cheek, but she didn’t want him to stop, especially not when his lips met hers. . .

Was this a dream? It felt so real. Zelgadis slipped his hand around to the nape of her neck. *Too real,* his mind screamed. *This is too real!* But he could no more stop himself than he could the changing of the tide. . .

Nepha herself began to experiment a little. She kissed his collarbone, his shoulder, his neck. . . He shuddered and she smiled a bit. . .

Zelgadis conceded that this had to be a dream, but instead of stopping to wake up, he continued. This was too good to be reality. He wanted to light that fire that would consume them both, even if it was a fantasy. He wanted to kiss and caress every last inch. . .

A tiny, ecstatic mew of a moan brought Zelgadis to the surface. Lids flew wide on passion glazed midnight blue eyes, finding Nepha lying beneath him, staring back up at him with loving green eyes.

“Nepha, I. . .” Zelgadis managed to pant. “We can’t do this, we have to stop. . .”

In response, Nepha planted soft, fluttering kisses across the width of Zelgadis’ broad chest.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

Zelgadis shuddered hard, gathering her against him.

“Gods,” he groaned. “I’ve tried to deny myself this, Nepha, but it’s asking too damn much!”

He kissed her again, hard, passionate. It got to the point where every sound Nepha made, Zelgadis would mistake it for a sound of pain, worried he was hurting her.

“I’m fine,” Nepha panted at one point. “I know you won’t hurt me, and believe me, you’re not. . .” She tipped her head back, barely able to speak as it was. “I’ll tell you if you are. . .”

Zelgadis could feel, through his own thick stone skin, the soft rasp of Nepha’s claws against his back. What was that she had called it? Kneeding bread. She did that when she was pleasurably happy, or caught up in something that gave her a pleasurable feeling.

Well, if this wasn’t a pleasurable feeling, Hell with it. They were too far into this now. . .

The fire started, consuming the two in throes of passion so deep it threatened to drown them both, and a blissfully euphoric feeling followed, one they never wanted to lose. . .


The next morning, the whole group was standing together in the slightly scorched ballroom.

“Party’s being rescheduled, Xellos and Xella are invited, it’s incredible,” sighed Lina. “And I was having so much fun too.”

Everyone nodded in approval. The mysterious priest and priestess stood with them, both of them smiling in their mischievious manner.

“Well, all’s good then,” Xella smiled. “After all. . .”

She was cut short as a large figure tackled her!

“All right, Xellos, I have you n. . .” the figure spoke lowly and angrily, then cut himself off quickly as he watched the head turn to reveal a feminine face. “You’re. . .not Xellos.”

“Of course I’m not Xellos!!” Xella cried. “My name is Xella Metallium!”

The figure that was pinning Xella stood. Xellos narrowed his own eyes from where he had hidden in the shadows. He bowed a little, and Xella realized he had a horn, one single sharp horn protruding from his wild hair.

*Oh, gods. . .* she thought nervously. *A Ryuuzoku! He’s an ancient dragon. . .*

“My name is Valgarv, and I seriously apologize for what I did,” he said, but the tone of his voice told her he didn’t really mean it.

He must’ve figured she was Mazoku, along with her brother.

Xella nodded a little as he walked away. No one else said a word about it, but Xella felt oddly drawn towards this guy.

*Ryuuzoku or not,* she thought to herself, *he is awesome.*

Well, we’ll stay here a bit longer until the party! Who knows, maybe this mysterious Valgarv fella will show up again. Wait a sec!! Where’d Xellos run off to THIS time?!

To Be Continued!

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