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About the Webmistresses!

Hosted by: none other than the folks who run the page, Asia-Jo and Tisha-Li!

AJ>> Hi, I'm Asia-Jo!

Tish>> And I'm Tisha-Li.

AJ>> Yep, we're the masterminds behind this crazy page. A 19 year old Guardian. . .

Tish>> And a 25 year old Dark Legionaire.

AJ>> Here's a little info about us. . .

(art by T2)
Full Name: Tisha-Li

Age: 25

Ht: approx. 3'2"

Wt: n/a

Species: Partially Cybornetic Echidna

Occupation: Leader of the Daughters of the Dark Legion, top notch DL medic

Marital Status: Married (Sgt. Rykor)

Children: Twins (Vix-En and Daerik)

What She Does for This Page: The basic head of character creation and story writing. She comes up with the story ideas and the characters. She runs the Ask Nepha page, among other things.

Characters She Created: Princess Nepha Elonsa of Feli, Netalia, Jamar, and the White Priestess, Tannah Wyndstarr

Favorite Slayers Episode: Vol. 7, ep 3. WARNING! Eris' Wrath!

Favorite Slayers Character(s): Gourry and Rezo

Favorite Slayers Quote: "Well, I guess that proves it. Ignorance is bliss." -Lina-

(art by Asia-Jo)
Full Name: Asia-Jo Echidna

Ht: approx. 3'4"

Wt: n/a

Species: Genetically Enhanced Echidna

Occupation: Guardian of the Floating Island

Marital Status: Married (Sgt. Jorel Robbins)

Children: 1, daughter (Bridgette-Ky)

What She Does on This Page: She's the artist. Character design and drawing is what she does best. She helps with some of the story ideas, but doesn't write much in them (except for when it gets kinda lemony). She runs the Xellos Fan-Club, among other things.

Characters She Created: Xella Metallium, Mysterious Priestess, and Auburn Lawrence

Favorite Slayers Episode: Vol. 5, Ep 3 QUESTION! He's Proposing to THAT Girl?!, and Vol. 3 of Slayers Next, Ep 1 Follow the Phantom Dragon!

Favorite Slayers Character(s): Xellos-sama and Zelgadis-chan!! KAWAII!!

Favorite Slayers Quote: "Sore wa, himitsu desu!" or "That is a secret!" (same thing) -Xellos-

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