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The Characters. . .Yep, All of 'Em

As witty and intelligent as her twin brother Xellos, Xella is a girl with an intention upon keeping secrets she wishes not tell. Often with her own plans and intentions, she helps when she feels like it and simply bothers when not. She's extrememly close to Xellos, as he is to her, and the two are seen so often together, it seems they are never apart. Many say if they switched outfits, you couldn't tell them apart aside from height!
Quote: "Now that. . .*giggle*. . .is a secret!"

Tannah Wyndstarr
A long time companion of Rezo the Red Priest, Tannah acts a little like him. Though most of her persona is shrouded in mystery, she’s known to be short-fused. After a backfired spell put her in a spiritual form for a short time, she continued to assist Lina and co. whenever possible. After witnessing the death of her young protege, Eris, Tannah and Rezo have again gotten back together, and vowed again to help anyone who needs it.
Quote: "It never hurt to hope."

Zoey Graywords
A smart alec and very paranoid, Zoey is constantly on the alert for anyone who may want to try something stupid. Never on the right side of a hero’s blade, the young mixture is unusually brash, and a lot darker in nature than her twin brother Zelgadis. She isn’t too fond of ‘do-gooders’ and takes a serious disliking to Nepha, Lina, and Gourry as soon as she meets them.
Quote: "Who said I liked this form?"

Zelgadis Graywords
Though his external appearance is rather freakish and a little scary, Zelgadis really isn’t as bad as he appears to be. A practician of the astral magic of shamanism, Zelgadis steers clear of dark magics after what Rezo’s power did to he and his twin sister. Coincidentally, he falls in love with Nepha, who turns out to be Princess of Feli, who in turn falls for HIM. He constantly obsesses about being human again.
Quote: "Live, grow stronger, fight another day."

Kawaii, mysterious, and mischievious, Xellos (via my storyline) is a comical young man and the priest of the temple where the Claire Bible is kept. He and his twin sister, Xella, can generate enough comic relief in one story to hold Prince Phil's comic area off for several more! chipper and silly most of the time, dark and dangerous when angered, Xellos is the perfect friend. . .and the perfect rival.
Quote: "Now, that is a secret!" (sore wa, himitsu desu)

The overprotective father figure of the century, Vrumugun is the phoenix (via my stories) who is far too overprotective of his teenage daughter, a half-Felinic phoenix named Netalia. Though he may seem too serious and intellectual to stand a teenage daughter, it actually works out quite well, since Netalia is so much like her father, it's almost scary! He is a powerful sorcerer, and practically immortal. Quote: ". . ."

A mysterious young wizardess, not much is known about Netalia. A mistress of the black arts, she is a match or better for many who face her. Much like her father, her life is shrouded in mystery. She can disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye, and disperse many spells with little effort. She usually seems very emotionless. She’s often referred to as ‘the girl you can’t kill’ or ‘the phoenix.’
Quote: “Come quietly or I shall be forced to kill you.”

The young protege of Tannah and Rezo, Eris is a surprising youth who aspires to get revenge on Tannah for causing Rezo's change (even though it wasn't Tannah's fault at all). Intelligent and bright, she created a copy Rezo that faced off against the real one after the copy nearly killed Tannah. Unfortunately, however, Eris doesn't survive the story.
Quote: "Imagine how I felt. . .when I came to find out he was thought to be dead."

Lina Inverse
Meet the cute, daring, and -- above all -- smart-mouthed 17 year old sorceress named Lina Inverse. As of the current, she’s in love with none other than expert swordsman, Gourry Gabriev. Who knew? Though her head may sometimes be empty, her mouth never is, and she always has a comeback where needed.
Quote: "I'm hungry!"

Gourry Gabriev
The expert swordsman with yogurt for brains is 24 year old Gourry Gabriev, who is -- as stated -- more brawn than brains. He weilds the legendary Sword of Light which slew the demon beast Zanafaar. He’s in love with Lina, but seems to sometimes get her too angry for either of them to realize it! Quote: "I think what you're saying is. . .we don't have a chance!"

Rezo the Red Priest
Zelgadis and Zoey’s grandfather, the red priest Rezo Graywords is nearly 250 years old, but he doesn’t look a day over 35! As elusive as he is estranged, his only true friend is his wife and companion, Tannah. He’s still quite protective over his grandchildren, however.

Quote: "I am very disappointed to discover you have not been very. . .honest with me."

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