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Xella>> Hi! Welcome to the club dedicated to my kawaii brother, Xellos! U ready?

Xellos>> I really shouldn't be here. . .

Xella>> ^-^ Really, Xellos. Show some pride! This is dedicated to you, after all!

Xellos>> -_-()

Xella>> Anyhoo. . .if you like Xellos, this is the club for you! Just follow these rules:

1) Site must be Slayers oriented or have something to do with Slayers.
2) Having sumpin' about Xellos is an option (but preferable).
3) Nothing explicit. (that means NO PORN!!!)
4) Gotta have a Xellos Fanclub button somewhere on your site!

Xellos>> Are you finished?

Xella>> Yes.

Xellos>> Okay then. Just fill out this form, and if you're accepted (which it is doubtful you won't be), you'll be sent the code to put on your page.

Xella>> Have fun!

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

Your Homepage URL:

Reason You Like Xellos-chan:

Tell Me About Yourself!

Current members:
Minerva at The Temple of Anime

All Xellos, all the time!

Run back!

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