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The Glomp Comics

Asia-Jo's imagination runs amok...

'Out of the Closet'
ChibiJaime might not like what's in that closet...

'Gratuitous Shower Scene'
Zel hears a bit more than he should from the bathroom...

They're back, and better than EVER!

Grampa Looks A Lot Like Elvis...
Chibi Ina-chan (Inaho Hitomebore's daughter)'s artistic cat Salem draws a picture...

CJ goes a bit heart-happy on poor Zel and Nepha.

Greater Evils
Tisha-Li likes being evil... but it looks like cuteness takes the cake over her dark heart...

Demon Pikachu
It's the Pikachu plushy that just wouldn't die! Loosely based on the true story of a Pikachu keychain that's been pika-ing for one and a half years and is still trucking, without having its batteries changed.

The Fourth Wall
ChibiJaime plays a trick on a very happy Duo... (YAOI inference)

Get A Room!
Looks like Aya and Ken need themselves a bit of guidance on where and when to... 'get jiggy wid it'. (YAOI)

Eraser Happy
CJ, Yohji, and an eraser. Need I say more?

Run back!