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My Death

Karitah (Zel and Nepha's daughter) talks about her father's murder

My Death

At age five I looked upon my father's then still face.
I would never again be called Daddy's girl,
Mama would never feel his embrace.

I've grown strong, a princess true,
But I'm alone, I've died myself.
I can't go on here without you.

You said you'd always be with me,
Now in this darkness, all alone,
I find now it's so hard to see.

Daddy, where, where are you now?
Do you still watch over Mama and I?
We still question how you could leave us. How?

The man who took your life is slain,
But I still feel nothing, I feel empty.
For him, all I feel is simple disdain.

Daddy, my death came with yours.
And in my heart, forevermore,
Our death came in... and closed all doors.

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