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Terms in the Stories

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Glossary of Terms from Slayers, Mystic Blade
(all my stories start just after Volume 5. . .Vrumugun, in my stories, is NOT a kopii, and neither is Rezo, except for once, and the real Rezo is still alive!)

amulet - a magic charm, used to show faith, for good luck, or to enhance one’s powers; a talisman

ancient Sairaag - place where the Swordsmen of Light defeated the demon beast Zanafaar

Astral Plane - a spiritual plane, often associated with the magic art of shamanism, used also by clerics for exorcisms

Atlas City - the Land of Excitement

Audubon - the Bird People

black arts - a powerful form of magic, based on all the negative forces of the world

Blam Blazer - a spell based upon using a concentrated amount of magic energy to destroy an adversary

Ceiphied - the dragon god, symbolized as the ‘good’ force of the world, magic is drawn from him by clerics

child - a referrence to a younger person by someone who is elder, most often used in the priesthood (ex. good day, child)

Chimar - the (sentient) Chimera People (Zelgadis, Silas, Caspian, Megara, Kronos, Zoey)

chimera - a mixture lifeform, most commonly when magic is used

cleric - white magic, used for healing, exorcism, and defense

copy - a recreation of the original, a remake, made with magic in a lab

Creaturic - being that appears to be human, with the features of a type of animal; not to be confused with chimeras, or weres

Crimson Fire - an attack used by powerful black sorceresses in the land of Hyrule, almost as powerful as Dragon Slave

Crystal Heal - used by Gerudos, it encases a person in a crystal until they are healed

Crystal Restraint - used by Gerudos, it uses a crystal to trap a person

Crystal Restore - used by Gerudos, crystals spin around an object which is hence restored

Crystal Resurrection - used by Gerudos, works the same as a cleric’s resurrection spell; takes a great deal of magic to perform

Demona Crystal - an attack that turns an adversary it hits into ice that is easily shattered

demon - a creature of the dark forces, sometimes a playful sprite, sometimes simply a creature of high speed, agility, and strength, most often an evil being

Demon Claw - an attack that creates a claw mark on an adversary’s arm, poisoning them; can only be used by one who has some sort of demon within them, or is one

Diem Wing - an attack that uses wind to disorient an adversary

Digger Bolt - an attack that uses an electrical arrow/spear that is thrown at an adversary

dragon - a reptilian creature, varying in size, which sometimes breathes fire; some can fly, others cannot; many breeds

Dragon Slave - the most powerful spell in black magic, draws magic from the dark lord Shabranigdo

Elmekia Lance - a spell similar to a Flare Arrow, which uses an electric-like bolt of energy to completely dissipate an adversary, similar to Digger Bolt

Equine - the People of the Horse

Feli - the People of Cats (Princess Nepha, Neitao, Queen Arial, Captain Enteius of the Royal Elite, Jana)

Fireball - a spell which hurls a ball of fire at an adversary

Flagoon - the legendary Holy Tree of Sairaag, planted to contain the miasma of Zanafaar

Flare Arrow - a spell which sends a flaming arrow at an adversary

Flare Howl - a spell which sends a column of lava crashing down upon an adversary

Flare Web - a web composed of icy strands, which can almost not be broken

Freeze Arrow - a spell which sends an icy arrow at an adversary

Gerudo Valley - the Land of Theives (Auburn, Nabooru, Kenneth, Ganondorf)

Giga Slave - the most powerful known spell, draws magic from the most powerful dark lord, the Lord of Nightmares

golem - an animate creature made out of an inanimate object (stone, wood, clay, etc.)

Goron City - the Land of Rock (Darunia)

gryphon - a creature that is a mixture between any type of cat and any type of bird; often with head, front legs, and wings of a bird, and the body of the cat; not a chimera

Healing - a spell used for short-term healing

Howling Demonic Sword - the sword crafted for the swordsman Zangulus by Rezo after the swordsman helped save his life

Hyksos - the Sisterland of Hyrule

Hyrule - the Land of Magic (Jette, Jersey, Link, Auburn, Princess Zelda)

Kani - the People of Dogs

Kokiri Forest - the Land of Children (Mido, Saria, Jersey)

Icicle Lance - a spell like the Elmekia lance, which uses ice in the stead of electricity

Levitation - a spell used to make one levitate

Lightning - a light spell

Lupine - the People of the Wolf

Mazoku - ma meaning demon, zoku meaning race (Xellos and Xella Metallium, mysterious priest/priestess)

Miasma Forest - where the Holy Tree of Sairaag was planted to contain the evil miasma spilling from the dying Zanafaar

Mono Bolt - a spell attack that electrocutes an adversary

monster - a creature of the darkness, their race is governed by Shabranigdo (ex. troll, minotaur, ork, etc.)

Mystic Blade - a special sword passed down through the Felinic royal family, can destroy monsters, also called ‘Golem Slayer’

Mythica - the Mythical People (Bastet, Draca, Una, Gryph)

Nightmare Blaze - A highly dangerous spell, even moreso than the Giga Slave. This spell can only be cast by Gerudos.

Olamin Chapel - chapel in ancient Sairaag named for the first Red Priest, place where Tannah and Rezo were married

phoenix - symbol of immortality, people referred to as this have a glowing gem in the center of their foreheads, can only be killed by removing or destroying said gem or beheading

priest/priestess - a sorcerer/sorceress of high rank, often regarded as a miracle worker, the most noted of which being the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black Priests and the White Priestess

prism cat - a fairy (or faerie) cat with the ability to talk, change into a crystaline figure, or disappear completely; very calm, almost impossible to anger; only give information when and if they want to; most know a great deal of information they never give (copyright: Terry Brooks, Kingdom of Landover series)

protection spell - often used in accordance with a wind barrier, most often used by clerics

Ragna Blade - A blade of black magic, difficult to control, but only potentially dangerous to the user.

Ra-Tilt - the most powerful attack in shamanist magic, defeats an enemy by attacking from the Astral Plane

Ray Wing - an attack that allows one to levitate for a longer period of time than Leviation, can create a bubble with which one can go into an area with little oxygen without running out of air

Restoration Bubble - a spell used to treat long-term, possibly fatal, injuries

Rodanta - the People of Rodents

Ryuuzoku - the race under Ceiphied; ancient dragons and gold dragons (Valgarv, Feria [or Filia] Ul Copt)

Sairaag - the Holy City (Zangulus, Vrumugun, Eris)

Seyruun - the Land of Prosperity (Prince Phillionel, Amelia, Nahga the Serpent)

Shabranigdo - the Dark Lord, controller of all monsters, ruler of all the negative forces of the world

sleep spell - makes an adversary go to sleep

Stone Spiker - a spell that causes stone spikes to shoot through the ground beneath an adversary (also called Demu Vras)

Swordsmen of Light - the legendary swordsmen who destroyed the demon beast Zanafaar

Sword of Light - the only thing that can destroy a true monster aside from the legendary Mystic Blade, was used to destroy the demon beast Zanafaar (also called Hikari no Ken)

talisman - a magic charm, often used for good luck (see also: amulet)

Utopia - the Land of Peace (Marien, Jezell, Cammi)

Vulpine - the Fox People (Marien, Jezell, Cammi)

wind barrier - a barrier of wind

Zanafaar - the demon beast, slain by the Swordsmen of Light, continued to exist as a miasma of evil, until the Swordsmen planted the Holy Tree of Sairaag

Zora’s Domain - the Land of Water (Ruto)

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