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Artists Wanted

Nepha>> I hate illustrating by myself, especially for long stories, and ESPECIALLY when I have artist's block! So, I'm asking artists around the net to help. The Legend of Feli's Sleepy Hollow needs to be illustrated, and I'm asking your help on it. Just pick a scene from below and e-mail me. I'll send you the details of the scene. If all of these are taken, just wait, and they'll be replaced w/ new ones! Here they are!

Currently Available

An aggravated Lina hits a confused Gourry.

Alfred and Amelia are cornered.

Zoey yells at her brother.

Netalia explains (nervously) to Lina that in the terms of a phoenix, she's weak.
,br> Vrumugun lifts his head after being knocked out to find Netalia nearly dead.

Tannah fearfully clutches Rezo's cloak.

Xellos and Valgarv exchange deathlooks.

Xella barely missed being decapitated, but is nonetheless beaten up when she's found.

Terrified, Charoletta tries frantically to get out of the water.

Main Char in Scene Needs to Be Designed
The Headless Swordsman, on his horse.

Captain Enteius draws his sword.

Queen Arial sees an old Felinic woman.

Not Yet Available

Auburn and Jette are chased by the Headless Swordsman.

Zelgadis stands protectively in front of Arial and Nepha, sword drawn.

The silhouette of the Headless Swordsman, as illuminated by lightning in a castle window.

Run back!

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