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When A Writer Gets Stuck in Her Stories

If you don't agree with large amounts of glomping, please don't read this story. BTW, Tari is pronounced Tara!

When A Writer Gets Stuck in Her Stories...

Poor young fic writer Jaime Lyon is in for a kick in the rear when she gets stuck in the middle of her own characters, behind the scenes of her stories!

*Starts off with Zel and Nepha flirting blatantly, Gourry and Lina arguing, Xellos and Xella flirting at Nepha and Zel without them seeing, Tannah and Rezo talking about married couple things, and a small dark haired girl sitting with a lap-top computer. The girl is dressed in white shorts that appear to be a bit big for her, and a bikini top. Her glasses sit high on her nose and amplify hazel eyes.

Jaime: Zel-kun, keep it down over there. Iím trying to type.

Zel: *abandons his flirting w/ Nepha for a moment* You got yourself into this mess. You shouldnít have asked that hentai, masochist Mazoku what it would be like to be in your stories.

*Jaime THBTs Zel and he goes back to flirting with Nepha. However, before he can kiss her shoulder (as he was intending), he is glomped by Xella and Nepha is glomped by Xellos.


*She pulls a fairly large mallet out of nowhere and bashes the glomping priest with it. Zel has already done so with Nepha.

Jaime: So THIS is what you guys do when Iím not watching. Youíre all pretty strange, ne?

*Rezo and Tannah walk over to the group. Tannah takes a seat and Rezo promptly stands right behind her, almost as if watching for potential glompers (writer notes Xellos).

Xellos: *purring contentedly about Nephaís hitting him* Arigatou. . .

Jaime: *muttering to herself* Masochist. . .

*Jaime is suddenly and quite unexpectedly glomped by Xellos, who out of the blue gives her a fairly passionate kiss right on the lips. Jaime proceeds to shriek and bash Xellos with her lap-top.

Xellos: *contented purr* Arigatou.

Nepha: Hentai!

*At about this point, Jaimeís visiting cousin Tari Russell enters the room, with a small black dog following her around. The blond haired, blue eyed girl is clad in dusty blue colored daisy dukes and a pink spagetti strap top.

Tari: Will this dog EVER leave me alone?

Zel: So long as you give her food, no.

*Everyone suspiciously eyes Xella, who appears prepared to glomp Gourry at any moment. Heads lift as the first BSB CD starts to play loudly. All eyes are on Tari.

Tari: *blink blink* It was quiet in here!

*She too is glomped by Xellos.

Tari: *struggling under the weight* Too. . .heavy. . .*falls*

*Zel promptly picks up Xellos by the the shirt collar and flings him quite strongly against the wall. Xellos lets out a contented sigh and Zel drops his head onto his hand.

Nepha: That Mazoku is so hentai.

Tari: *after giving Xellos a prompt @$$ kicking* You said it.

Jaime: Quiet!!!!

*All eyes are on Jaime. Tari walks over and reads over her shoulder.

Tari: HENTAI!!

Zel: What?! Is ďMiss Iíll Never Read Another LemonĒ actually WRITING a lemon?!

*He walks over to read over her shoulder, then blushes profusely.

Zel: Jaime-chan. . .this story is about me and Nepha!!!

*Jaime giggles as Xellos breaks all spead records and knocks everyone down (sans Jaime) to read as Jaime writes.

Tari: You, Xellos, are sick.

Xellos: Hehe. . .this is good. . .theyíre gonna get it on. . .

*Jaime procedes to take the giant mallet and smash the priest again. He purrs contentedly as she lies the mallet beside her.

Nepha: Iíd prefer to keep mine and Zel-samaís private life to ourselves.

Jaime: Hey, tough. Iím the writer.

*Evil looks from all sans Tari.

Tari: Hey. . .sheís got a good looking boyfriend, why not write about it?

Nepha: T_T For one thing, Iím a princess, and that goes against my standards.

Tari: Hey, my characterís a princess too!!

*The two glare at each other hatefully, ready to jump at each other. Lina promptly breaks up the fight.

Lina: Itís my job to fight with her about Zel-kun.

*Everyone looks at Xella, who has glomped a confused and clueless Gourry. Due to Gourryís height, he is uneffected by the tiny Mazoku priestess.

Gourry: Whatís she doing?

*Sweatdrops. Jaime facefaults.

Jaime: You. . .are an idiot.

Gourry: I am?

*Everyone goes about their business about now. Zel and Nepha go back to their flirting/citrus, Lina jealously pries Xella off Gourry with a crowbar, Rezo and Tannah start talking again, and Tari and Jaime go back to writing. Xellos, however, is drooling at the two girls.

Tannah: *raises a brow* Rezo-sama, do you mind if I borrow your staff?

Rezo: Okay. *hands his staff to Tannah*

*Tannah stands, walks over to Xellos, and whacks him over the head with it. Smiling, she returns to Rezo, hands him his staff, and sits back down.

Tari: Jaime-chan... are you thinking what Iím thinking?

Jaime: *evil grin*

*Jaime leaps from where sheís sitting and glomps Xellos, while Tari takes the moment that Nepha has left the room to glomp Zel. Both young men are shocked, but the force of the impact has knocked Xellos over and Jaime now finds herself sitting in his lap.

Xellos: Hehe. Hi, my Jaime-chan.

Jaime: *blushes profusely*

*Xellos uses the glomp to his advantage. He kisses her, succeeding in being thwapped again. He smiles.

Xellos: *letting Jaime up* Arigatou, Jaime-chan!

*Jaime is still blushing profusely. Zelgadis is standing dumbfounded, Tari sitting in his arms.

Tari: Hiya, Zel-sama!

Zel: *blushes and proceeds to drop Tari*


*She stands up and brushes herself off as Nepha skips back into the room.

Xellos: *giggle* Hentai. . .

*Everyone looks at him in confusion.

Tari: *to herself* No fair. If Jaime-chan gets a kiss, why donít I get one?

Jaime: *blushing still* Because you werenít the one who glomped the hentai Mazoku.

Tari: Nope. . .I glomped Mr. High and Mighty over there.

Rezo: Kids.

Tannah: Got to love them.

*Jaime types a few more things, then jumps into the air happily.

Jaime: *cheering* Itís done!! Iíve finished! ĎCRAZY! Zoeyís Party Troubles!í is complete!

Tari: *grumble grumble*

Jaime: Donít worry, Tari. Next time, weíll hang with the Ranma gang between scenes.

*Sweatdrops all around sans Tari and Jaime.

Lina: *blinking at Zel and Nepha with a disgusted expression* Hentai, you two, get a room.

Tari: I couldíve shocked him, but I was nice enough not to. . . See how nice Iíll be next time!!

Jaime: *sweatdrops* Tari-chan, get over it.

Tari: No one drops me without getting hurt!

Zel: *breaks from Nepha for a moment* Iíve got a girlfriend. Go glomp the hentai priest.

Xellos: *cute smile* ^-^

Tari: *sweatdrops* Iíll pass.

Xella: *giggle* You know, Jaime, you have no idea where Xellos-kunís mouth has been.

*Jaime slaps her hand over her mouth and promptly runs to the bathroom while everyone watches her go. Tari is still giving Zel the evil eye. The little black dog barks.

Xellos: Evil dog, ne?

*Dog attacks Xellos, chasing him out of the room.


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