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Here Are the Links!

Hosted by: Tannah and Rezo

Tannah>> Greetings, I am Tannah Wyndstarr, White Priestess and wife of Rezo the Red Priest! I am here to. . .

*interrupted by WHACK! from Rezo's staff*

Rezo>> Hello. I'm Rezo the Red Priest. We'll be introducing the links to you. Right, my dearest wife?

Tannah>> *rubs her head* grumble grumble. . .

Lina's Castle - Art, fanfiction, links, and more!

Temple of Anime - The site of my good friend, Minerva

Zelgadis Takes Over the World - The man behind the mask (and stone skin)

Xelloss' Slayers Gallery - The pictures gallery of that kawaii Mazoku trickster

Queen of Swords' Homepage - Home of Zelgadis on the Couch

The Slayers (creative, neh?) - Slayers fanfiction, might wanna check this out.

The Land of Hyrule - Visit the site of our friends, the Hylians Link, Auburn, Jette, and Jersey!

Nepha's Ronin Warriors Page - Yep, MY page! It's about the Ronin Warriors. ^-^

Fire and Ice - This person signed my guestbook... SO YOU'D BETTER VISIT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!

- A very awesome site. Heh... never even pictured Rezo SHIRTless (let alone in da buff) before this site! Great comic and animation! Take a peek!

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