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Fanart and Pictures!

No More Thumbnails ^_^;

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Page one of 'Similar Thoughts'

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Comin' atcha is page 3!

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And here it is, page 4!

Auburn and Jette
The Hylian Jette and the Gerudo Auburn.

Charoletta Paeton
Charoletta Paeton, Duchess of Feli

Accidents in Training...
Chibi Netalia and Chibi Vrummy. Poor Talia needs to work on aim. ^_^;

Legendary and Deadly, Demon Claw
Zelgadis used Demon Claw on NEPHA?!

Feria Ul Copt
The cutie dragon girl. ^_^

Is That A Blush I See?
Gourry and Lina, and look! Lina's blushing!!

Blond Bishes
Gourry and Link are obviously good friends.

Jamar, that really evil guy, toying with Netalia.

"Do Not Disturb"
Zel and Nepha need a little privacy...

Kioko Inverse
The middle of the Inverse girls, Kioko. Drawn by Ivory Twilight (Ivy), my friend from school!

Lina In A Dress
THAT'S Lina Inverse?!

Little Crush...
Xella has a crush, and Nepha's none too happy about it.

Vrummy's one and only daughter, Netalia!

The many expressions of Netalia.

Nepha casting the Ra-Tilt

Akahoushi Rezo and Shironisou Tannah
Rezo and Tannah, together and lookin' cute. ^_^

Taka, Uncolored
An uncolored version of Taka dor Vidan Kopru.

Colored Taka
Colored version of the above pic.

Pre-change Tannah
Tannah, before Rezo's change.

Post-change Tannah
And... after Rezo's change.

Kopii Rezo's Attack...
Kopii Rezo REALLY did a number on Tannah.

Twin Trouble!
Xellos and Xella together.

Just A Kiss...
Valgarv and Xella, what an interesting couple.

Family Portrait
Vrumugun and his daughter, Netalia.

Mazoku Priestess!
The one, the only... Xella Metallium!

And here she is again... Whatever happened, it MUST have hurt!

Xella's Faces
One more time! So many faces! O_o

All Dressed Up!
Xella, lookin' cute in a party dress.

Beastmaster and Beast...
Xellos and his Mazoku wolf Starnyte.

Xella and Valgarv's daughter, Xylia!

An Unusual Couple
Princess Nepha, with Zel in the background.

Back to Back
Zelgadis and Nepha, standing back-to-back.

Zel's twin sister, Zoey Graywords. Drawn by Ivy!

Mazoku Dragon
Taka in her dragon form. This was drawn by my friend, Jungura!

Kopii Chimera
Bwahahahaha!! It's KOPII ZELGADIS!!!!!!!

Lina and Gourry
Wouldja look at this! Idn't it kawaii? Lina and Gourry in a snuggle!

Kichi Marisa Wyndstarr-Graywords
This kawaii widdle cutie is none other than Tannah and Rezo's daughter, Kichi Marisa Wyndstarr-Graywords. Some name. O_o;
POUNCE!! Nepha's a bit hyper! Somehow, this pic came out slanted... ^_^;;

The Legendary Golem Slayer
None other than Princess Nepha holding the redesign of the legendary Mystic Blade.

The Elder Phoenix...
Vrumugun's mother, the incredible gal named Masago! She's an elder phoenix! Drawn by Ivy.

Beautiful General
Dynast's young general, Taka. Best quote for her ensemble: Two sequins and a cord, placement optional (thank you Mercedes Lackey!).

The cute little Hylian named Jette along with her faerie, Nayru. Um... I think it would be wise NOT to bother her, since she has a fireball... Drawn by Ivy.

Family Fued of Sorts...
Here's what Xylia should REALLY look like, and I redid the wings so they'd look better. Enjoy!

Neisha Ookami
A young were, Neisha is looking for a purpose in life when she stumbles upon the group... Oh what a tangled web we weave, ne?

Slayers DESTINY!
An 'eyecatch' from Slayers Destiny. Princess Nepha holding Mystic Blade, with Zelgadis in the background.

Princess Nepha... in Queen Amidala's Outfit?!
Okay, so I was bored. I watched TPM and ended up with this... Nepha in an Amidala-esque outfit. Enjoy. ^_^;

Casting A Spell
Auburn prepares some sort of spell. Don't get in that Gerudo chick's way!

"Nightmare Blaze!"
You thought Giga Slave was dangerous? Gerudos know otherwise! This is Nightmare Blaze. Whereas a Gerudo can control a Giga Slave perfectly, this spell is harder to control and much more dangerous! Watch out!

"I Am A Phoenix"
Possibly my best picture of Netalia, complete with a picture of a phoenix behind her. She is a 'child of the Eternal Pyre', after all! ~_^ The picture of the phoenix, btw, isn't mine.

There is Nothing More Lonely Than Darkness...
When Xellos is dying, Xella would've given him her power, but he decided against it, and he gave his remaining power to her. Now, Xella is alone and looking for a way to revive her lost twin.

"Come Into My Parlor," Said the Spider to the Fly.
Aside from being Xellos' ever faithful twin and a loyal servant of Greater Beastmaster Zeras, Xella has a little bit of a Beastmaster thing goin' herself. Doesn't she just look like the canary who ate the cat? Oh, Vaaalgaaarv...

Updated Xella
I finally updated her look. You do not REALIZE how tedious it is to color like that... quite annoying. Anyhoo, I like the new look. Looks better on her than the shawl and cape ensemble.

Convenient Wing Placement...
Oh my... I've been getting a bit bolder with my artwork recently, haven't I? This is a nice little pic of Val and Xella being snuggly and... risque. This seems to be typical for them.

Finally Redrawn, Tannah Wyndstarr!
This pic was inspired by the High Priestess card of the "Sacred Circle" tarot deck. I kinda likc how it came out, 'cept for her left hand.

Spirit Wave!
Nepha casting a Spirit Wave. Shading's weird, I know. I liked the effect of the spell, though... let's people finally see how the spell works.

Resketching of Tannah, Pre-Rezo's Insanity
Finally redrawn, this is young Tannah. Mee-yow, that dress was hard to draw. x.@

Cute little ZelxNepha comic. Read and enjoy.

Anatomic Study of Taka
I'll warn ya now, this is an anatomy study. Anatomy studies are nude. This was for artistic reference in drawing the chara herself. View at own risk.

A new Type of Like-Like...?
In "Slayers Vacation!", the girls travel to Mipross on an all-expenses-paid cruise c/o Nepha and Lina. However, there's trouble lurking there... (from left-to-right: Nepha, Auburn, Jette, Charoletta)

Redrawn Charoletta
Nepha's cousin, Charoletta Paeton, Feli no Miko. This is her running in miko garb. Gotta pity the poor girl... can you imagine how hard it must be to be a deaf miko?

Character Sheet of Carly
Wow! A picture of Charoletta NOT in her miko garb. This is from a different RP, in which she is a hime... Recca no Hono style!

Auburn's Farewell
Directly from a fic in the "Destiny!" series, Auburn's grieving is taken to a higher level than most due to seeing the murdered Ameria as a sister. Though not a scene in the fics, this was inspired by a very dark mood I'm in.

Xellos and Auburn
I'm not too pleased with this one. Xellos' lower body came out poorly. In any case, this is a pic of a pissed off Xellos carrying an unconscious Auburn who, according to the fic, had just cast a Nightmare Blaze that backfired... on her!

Crash Course
From "Slayers Vacation!", Nepha attempted to run down the hallway of the palace to tell her cousin, Feli no Miko Charoletta Paeton, about their vacation! Of course, she forgot that padded feet don't do well on waxed floors...

Sitting for A Spell
Back when Zel and Nepha didn't like each other much. ^_^;; Nepha watches Zelgadis nervously as he calmly sits... shirtless.

Mini-comic starring Taka dor Vidan Kopru and Xellos Metallium! Taka reflects on the one person in her life that always gives her grief...

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