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The Guardian's Slayers Poetry

Hosted by: Tisha-Li

Tish>> I've taken some time out of my busy schedule of building the general stories of this page to introduce Slayers Poetry written by Asia-Jo, the artist of this page. Some of her poems are odd, and if you don't like Valgarv or think he'd go well with Xellos or Feria and don't have an open mind, don't read her poems! Besides, Xella's close enough to Xellos, isn't she? ~.^

AJ>> I have other poems here too, ya know! I have 2 from Zel, 2 from Nepha, one from Gourry, one from Lina, one from Amelia, one from Xellos, one from some person, one from Charoletta, one from Karitah (Zel and Nepha's daughter), and one from... REZO-SAMA!

Tish>> *sweatdrops* Rezo?

AJ>> Hey, he wasn't ALWAYS a bad guy...

Mazoku, Ryuuzoku, What A Pair!
Xella and Valgarv consider what they're feeling, with someone else watching on. . .

Zelgadis talks about his feelings for Nepha, and her feelings for him.

The Cure
Zel talks about his plight.

Duties of None
Nepha takes some time to consider her duties as the Princess of Feli.

Angel of No Mercy
A poem from Rezo's point of view about his wife (girlfriend at the time of the poem), Tannah Wyndstarr.

Strange Love
Gourry contemplates his feelings for Lina in an intelligent manner!

Undesired Love
Lina contemplates her feelings for Gourry.

Little One
Xellos talks about someone he seems to be in love with.

Hidden Soul
Tannah reflects upon her wish for her husband to return to her

Justice Speech for the '90s
Amelia's lecture on how to give a good justice speech.

On A Journey
Someone tells about the journey of the Slayers (Japanese names used for the most part, and some Japanese words).

My Death
Princess Karitah Graywords (Zel and Nepha's daughter) talks about her emotional death after her father's murder.

Stifling Silence
Nepha's cousin, Charoletta Paeton, discusses her lack of hearing.

In Your Arms
Nepha speaks to Zelgadis in her own mind about their relationship on a more intimate level.

Xylia Metallium looks at the fact that her parents (Xella and Valgarv) lied to her about her being half-Ryuuzoku.

Tish>> Hopefully, she'll write more soon!

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