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The Stories of Slayers, Mystic Blade

Hosted by: Zelgadis and Zoey

Zel>> Hello. It's me again.

Zoey>> And I'm his twin sister, Zoey!

Zel>> This is the page for Nepha's first fanfic section, Slayers, Mystic BLade.

Zoey>> So sit back and enjoy! Xellos and Xella have various cameos and sometimes full appearances in a lot of these!

Zel>> Remember, stories with a beside them are lemony! Read at your own risk!

Some of these stories may contain scenes, situations, and language not suitable for younger readers. Parental discression is advised with reading these stories.

“NEWS FLASH! Nepha, the Preppy Princess”
After meeting up again w/ Zelgadis, the group continues on to the Kingdom of Feli, where they find the whole place under seige from the Kanics! Zelgadis manages to rescue the trapped princess from her tower bedroom, and she obviously doesn't appreciate being helped by a chimera. Can the two settle their differences before the Kanics finish them off for good?

“QUESTION! Who Could Love A Man of Stone?”
Nepha of Feli is a strange little one, and her background is even stranger. This half-Felinic is the holder of a mystical sword that happens to be the only other thing that can cut through Zelgadis’s stone skin! There’s a problem here,though. Nepha is head over heals for Zel, and Zelgadis has fallen in love with Nepha! This may get messy. . .

“STRANGE! Another of the Five Priests?”
A strange young woman dressed in white sorceress regalia has shown up, and she claims to be the White Priestess Tannah! Things get weirder when the group once again encounters Rezo, and it’s doubtful he’s there on friendly means. Is Tannah who she says she is? How will they escape Rezo this time? And if Tannah truly IS the White Priestess, will her old friendship be her death?

“LOVE?! Nepha’s Startling Admittance!”
Over time, Nepha has kept her feelings towards Zelgadis hidden except for to him. But now, a strange young woman named Zoey has shown up, and she’s also part golem and part demon! After seeing the two alone in the woods, Nepha thinks she’s fallen in love with someone who’s already taken! Now, after Ralfo has captured her, will Zelgadis be able to save her and her trust before its too late?

“SHOCK! The Girl Named Eris”
Tannah’s back, and she’s well again! This time, she’s more than sure that Rezo is back to his old self. But now, a young girl named Eris that she and Rezo took in when the girl was but a teenager has returned, blaming Tannah for Rezo’s change 10 years before! Now they’re in Sairaag, and they have to find the main bad guy, but will they escape Eris in time to find him?

“CRAZY!! Zoey’s Party Trouble!”
Things never work out as planned. After finding Sairaag to be half-gone, the group moves on to the mystical city of Hyrule. While Tannah is healed, the group attends a party at the palace (thanks to Nepha) and Zoey meets a young wizard named Masami who seems to have interests in her! Things get nasty when Xellos and Xella warn of impending danger, but the ending of this story is quite intriguing. . .

“WATCH IT! Antics With Dragons and Phoenixes!”
After the shock of Xellos going off his rocker, then being returned to his normal state of mind, at the party, the party is being replanned. However, at the end of the pary, Xella was tackled by a Ryuuzoku ancient dragon named Valgarv who mistook her for Xellos! She feels strangely pulled towards this mysterious stranger, as he does to her. Could destiny be putting a Mazoku and Ryuuzoku together? And what's more, is Vrumugun sending Netalia off on her own, because he is forseeing his own doom...?

“OH NO! Zelgadis Used Demon Claw on Nepha?!”
While fighting some of Ralfo’s men, Zelgadis uses an ancient spell called ‘Demon Claw’ while attempting to take down some of them. Unfortunately, he misses, and ends up hitting Nepha instead! Now, she’s dying, and he has to find a way to save her! With dreaded Mystic Blade in his hands, he sets off to find the herb that can save Nepha before time is up. But even with Zoey’s help, will he find it in time. . .?

“JUMP! But Watch Out, It’s A Long Way Down!”
What's up with the relationship of Gourry and Lina? When Lina's hurt in battle by the immortal Felinic named Jana, we just may find out! "Love never dies" is an easy way to put it as Gourry goes after the one who tried to kill the woman he... LOVES?! Things could get really testy, especially with that sneaky sorcerer Neitao around. . .

“ULTIMATUM! Kronos’ Deal With Zelgadis”
After entering the city of Utopia, the group is encountered by a Vulpine woman named Marien. Zelgadis remembers some bad encounters in this town, and instantly opts to leave. . .or at least to get away. As he walks through the woods, however, he encounters an old ally of his named Kronos, who makes him an offer he can’t refuse: join with him again, or die. . .

"REVELATION! Comes the Swordsman”
Zelgadis is once again joined with the Four Swordsmen, and this has come to cause problems for Lina and the gang. They still have a long way to go to Seyruun, and having Zelgadis to fight is more trouble than its worth! The guy is invulnerable, except for to Lina’s spells, Gourry’s sword, and Nepha’s sword, and none of them want to hurt him. . .

Zoey>> Well, folks, that was the end of the Mystic Blade series.

Zel>> But be prepared. Soon, Slayers Destiny! will be out for you to read, starting with Till Death! Marriage Problems on Mipross!

Zoey>> Thanks for visiting! ^_^

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