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Hosted by: Amelia

Amelia>> Hi! I'm Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun! Welcome to the toons page! Here, you'll find cute little cartoons of me and my comrades! Hmmm. . .good! No evil-doers in here! Then, I may have had to smash them with the Hammer of Justice!!

Toon 1
Mr. Xellos messes with magic. . .

Toon 2
Believe me, this is not a pleasant thought.

Toon 3
Hmmm. . .odd.

Toon 4
Aww. . .poor Mr. Zelgadis! And poor Miss Lina, too!!

Toon 5
That is a very unjust thing for Miss Lina to do!

Toon 6
Minor mistake, of course!

Toon 7
Mr. Xellos and Mr. Valgarv. . .nuf said.

Toon 8
Mr. Xellos is being mean again. . .

Toon 9
Mr. Xellos, this is no time to be bragging!

Toon 10
I'm not even gonna touch this one.

Toon 11
Yay! A toon with me in it!

Toon 12
Gehhhhh. . .scary thought!!

Toon 13
Mr. Gourry?! Miss Sylphiel?!

Toon 14
Oh my goodness! That's not even nice to think about!!

Toon 15
Mr. Zelgadis must be having a bad day!

Toon 16
Never get Miss Lina mad.

Toon 17
This is cute! ^-^

Toon 18
Mr. Xellos should've kept his mouth shut.

Toon 19
Mr. Gourry? Umm...

Toon 20
Miss Lina! That's not good!

Toon 21
Mr. Xellos frightens me sometimes.

Toon 22

Toon 23
OUCH! I'll bet Mr. Gourry is having sympathy pains for Mr. Xellos right now.

Toon 24
I'd rather not think about this.

Toon 25

Toon 26
Erp. . .no.

Toon 27
I did NOT like this.

Toon 28
*blushes profusely*

Toon 29
This shows why you should clean your room!

Toon 30
Ewww! Mr. Xellos!!

Toon 31
Umm. . .I'm not hungry.

Toon 32
Glass of water, Mr. Zelgadis?

Toon 33
That was very unjust, Miss Lina, to break a promise!!

Toon 34
Uhhhhhhhh... next toon.

Toon 35
But... Mr. Zelgadis... You promised!!

Toon 36
It's Zoey. Not Mr. Zelgadis, it's Zoey...

Toon 37

Toon 38
That was mean to say, Mr. Zelgadis!

Toon 39
I wouldn't have said that, while Miss Lina's hands were free for a Dragon Slave...

Toon 40
Errrrr......... ummmmmm... I'm taking the Fifth.

Toon 41
:3 Awwww... Doesn't Mr. Zelgadis look cute?

Toon 42
I'll run to the drug store!!! I'll get it!!!!!!!

Toon 43

Toon 44

Toon 45
HENTAI!!!!!!!!!! Hentai, Mr. Xellos!!

Toon 46
I always thought Mr. Zelgadis was a chimera...

Toon 47
O.O() This... is not pleasant.

Toon 48
I know I... *snicker* shouldn't laugh, but... *giggle* I can't help it! *laughter*

Toon 49
*stern* Mr. Zel-ga-dis! That is NOT nice!

Toon 50
;_; I don't talk too much, do I?

Toon 51
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! *dives under a couch*

Toon 52
Why was he in there in the first place?!

Toon 53
I always thought that guy was a little wacky.

Toon 54
And I'm RELATED to her?!

Toon 55
That little villain...

Toon 56

Run back!

© 1997