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What the Slayers Would Never Say

Here they are...!

Top Ten Things Lina Inverse Would Never Say

10. Never mind, Gourry, I don't want the Sword of Light.
9. Xellos-sama, where have you been all my life?
8. Amelia, you're so cute and sweet!!
7. I'm not hungry.
6. Let's keep going. I need the exercise to drop a few pounds.
5. I was wrong, forgive me.
4. Maybe the Dragon Slave IS a bit too much...
3. Luna, sis, it's great to see you!
2. You know, Zel, you're so sexy when you're serious.
And the #1 thing Lina would never say...

Top Ten Things Gourry Gabriev Would Never Say

10. E=MC˛ is Einstein's theory of relativity. What idiot doesn't know that?
9. Of course I remember Rezo. Why wouldn't I? He tried to kill us.
8. Sylphiel! Marry me!
7. Zoey, you're such a nice girl
6. I think pink is really my color...
5. Sailor Venus is my role model!
4. Lina, I love you!
3. The area of a circle is equivilant to pi times the radius squared.
2. Presumptuous. P-R-E-S-U-M-P-T-U-O-U-S. Presumptuous.
And the #1 thing Gourry would never say...
1. Here, Lina. You can have the Sword of Light, I don't want it anymore.

Top Ten Things Zelgadis Graywords Would Never Say

10. Thank you, Rezo!!!
9. Brilliant deduction, Gourry!
8. Amelia, you're such a sweetheart.
7. Shabra-who?
5. *singing* I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedle-de-dee-dee...
4. The heck with a cure. I wanna be a backup singer for the Spice Girls!
3. I hate you, Nepha.
2. I wanna go back to being evil. I wanna go kill lots of people and just be evil for the rest of my life.
And the #1 thing Zelgadis would never say...
1. I love you... XELLOS!!

Top Ten Things Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun Would Never Say

10. Daddy, you're so mean! I didn't think you'd mind if I cross-dressed!!
9. Mr. Zelgadis, I hate you.
8. Bwahahaha!! Now, to go do some things in the name of evil!
7. I hope they got that ticket off my record...
6. Who gives a d@mn about Mr. Zelgadis, I'm in love with Gourry!
5. Miss Tannah? Will you teach me how to fight for justice without using any big spells?
4. How sneaky, underhanded, and low! I like it!
3. Xellos... would you like to dance?
And the #1 thing Amelia would never say...
1. Justice sucks.

Top Ten Things Aka Houshi Rezo Graywords Would Never Say

10. I love my grandkids.
9. I don't need to see you, Tannah. My hands tell me all I need to know.
8. The light's too bright in this room.
7. Move the banner a liiiiiiiittle... to the... left.
6. Zelgadis, I am your grandfather.
5. *singing* Man, I feel like a woman!
4. I need a shave.
3. Red really brings out the color of my... hair.
2. I'm quitting the priesthood to become a drag queen.
And the #1 thing Rezo would never say...
1. *dancing around the room in a tu-tu* I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Top Ten Things Sylphiel Would Never Say

10. Go ahead and use the Giga Slave, Lina, I don't mind.
9. I don't want to marry Gourry! I want to marry Zangulus!
8. You're such a moron, Gourry-sama.
7. That Red Priest wasn't so great.
6. I want to commit my life to being a servant of Shabranigdo!
5. Miss Lina, you're the best!
4. I'm gonna dye my hair yellow.
3. I wonder how I'd look in red leather...
2. Anyone got a whip?
And the #1 thing Sylphiel would never say...
1. Darkness always triumphs!

Top Ten Things Xellos Metallium Would Never Say

10. I'll tell you everything!
9. Nononono!! Get that needle away, I HATE pain!!
8. I feel so guilty. Why did I kill all the Gold Dragons?!
7. I'm in love with Filia Ul Copt (ok, so it could happen!)!!
6. That's right, I am the villian! You will respect my authori-tay!
5. My master plan is to marry Lina-chan! What, you didn't know that?
4. I have never told a lie.
3. I hate purple.
2. Rezo is my father.
And the #1 thing Xellos would never say...
1. *singing* Nooooobody knows the trouble I've seen... Noooooobody knows my sorrow...

Top Ten Things Princess Nepha Elonsa of Feli Would Never Say

10. I love being a princess!
9. I want to marry Neitao!
8. Zoey, you have such fashion sense!
7. Zelgadis Graywords, one more comment like that and I'm running you through. Understood?
6. Curiosity killed the cat.
5. I need to take a litterbox break...
3. Forget Zelgadis. I love Xellos.
2. Zel, how many times do I have to tell you?! NOT TONIGHT!!
And the #1 thing Nepha would never say...
1. I'm pregnant (before she's married).

Top Ten Things Zoey Graywords Would Never Say

10. Isn't Zel's girlfriend the best?
9. Gourry, you're the smartest guy I've ever met.
8. Amelia, you're so kind.
7. I want to become a priestess.
6. It wasn't your fault, Zel. Besides, I like being a chimera.
5. I love you, Grandfather! You're always so nice to us!
4. You know, Lina, those things they say about you being flat-chested? Not true.
3. Masami never got on my nerves... ever.
2. I want to have LOTS and LOTS of kids!
And the #1 thing Zoey would never say...
1. Nepha, teach me to be more ladylike.

Top Ten Things Netalia Would Never Say

10. Father, I want to give up being a wizardess and become an exotic dancer.
9. This gown is so... unrevealing.
8. Jamar, I'll marry you! Let's run away together!
7. Kiss me, you fool.
6. I'm pregnant.
5. Vrumugun is not really my father. My real father is Xellos.
4. C'mon, Dad, live a little.
3. Black or red leather? I can't decide.
2. Father, I'm going to live with Mother.
And the #1 thing Netalia would never say...
1. Look! I cast the Dragon Slave right!

Top Ten Things Xella Metallium Would Never Say

10. My brother is SO annoying.
9. I don't want to be mysterious. Let's go hug a tree!
8. I don't love Valgarv, I love Gaav!
7. Human pain and suffering are so... dull.
6. I'm pregnant, but I don't know who the father is!!
5. Auburn is our long lost triplet!
4. Sore wa, himitsu desu!
3. Here I am, Gourry, the mother of your children!
And the #1 thing Xella would never say...
1. Tannah is my mother, but... Rezo's not my father...