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Kawaii Pics of Xellos and Cool Sounds!

Ain't he a doll?


SD Xellos
And you thought he looked cute now. . .

Xellos, That's Mean!!
Xellos holds poor Gourry up by the ankle!

Xellos with Wolf Creature
I read somewhere that thing is his master. . .good thing it's not in my stories!

Xell Lookin' Evil
Yie. . .I wouldn't want to make him look at ME like that.

He looks so kawaii when he's freaked out!

Secretive As Ever
Always waving that finger. . .*sigh* He's so weird. Of course, I'm just like him. . .

Evil Look
*about to run and hide* He does not look too friendly there. . .

I have no idea.

Well. . .
Well, he's always up to somethin'. . .

Something got him good and mad. . .

Uhhhh. . .
No clue, whatsoever.

Smilin' Away
He just looks so happy and kawaii! ^-^


"Sore wa, himitsu desu!"
Xellos, in Japanese, saying his famous 'That is a secret' line!

Kaoru 1
Xellos, in Japanese again.

Kaoru 2
*shrug* I really don't know the translations.

Kaoru 3
Xellos, once again, in Japanese.

"You Needn't Worry About Me!"
Xellos' mysterious priest introduction in the English version.

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