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Slayers Polls
Which is the best story of the Mystic Blade series?

NEWS FLASH! Nepha the Preppy Princess!
QUESTION! Who Could Love A Man of Stone?
STRANGE! Another of the Five Priests?
LOVE?! Nepha's Startling Admittance!
SHOCK! The Girl Named Eris!
CRAZY!! Zoey's Party Trouble!
WATCH IT! Antics With Dragons and Phoenixes!
OH NO! Zelgadis Used Demon Claw on Nepha?!
JUMP! But Watch Out, It's A Long Way Down!
ULTIMATUM! Kronos' Deal With Zelgadis
REVELATION! Comes the Swordsman
Haven't read them yet
Didn't care for any of them
Don't care either way

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Past Poll Results

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