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WATCH IT! Antics With Dragons and Phoenixes

Xella and Valgarv, a couple? And watch out! Vrumugun and Netalia are back!

After all the trouble we went through in Hyrule, you’d think we’d get a bit of peace and quiet, but that’s not the case! After we got Xellos knocked back to his senses, we were all in the garden talking about the rescheduling of the party, and a Ryuuzoku dragon named Valgarv attacked her, mistaking her for her brother!

He seems to know something about Xellos and Xella Metallium that we don’t. . .I really wonder what this is all about!

WATCH IT! Antics With Dragons and Phoenixes!

That was not the most pleasant thing Xella Metallium could’ve hoped for. She remembered being tackled by the ancient dragon Valgarv in his human form, and considering, he was twice her size!

She lowered her lavender eyes, feeling like a complete fool. Caught off-guard by a Ryuuzoku. Considering what she really was, that was a serious blow to her pride. And yet, she felt oddly pulled towards him, as if fate was shoving her right in the direction of the dragon.

She cringed a little as someone laid a strong hand on her shoulder. Turning, she found herself looking into the sharp violet eyes of her twin brother, Xellos Metallium.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Xella remembered far too well. She had reminded the others not to tell him, not to speak a word of what had happened. If something truly had happened between Valgarv and Xellos, she surely didn’t need her brother’s death weighing heavy on her mind.

What she didn’t know is he already knew.

“Nothing,” she sighed.

“No,” Xellos murmured, shaking his head, “something is wrong.” He pulled his sister to her feet, putting his hands on her shoulders and looking at her comfortingly. “Tell me. I’m your brother, I should be the first person you’d be able to tell.”

Xella turned her head away, trying not to look into those piercing violet eyes. He would get her to tell him if he had to. Xellos wasn’t the kind who would give up easily.

“I can’t tell you,” Xella responded.

Xellos’ eyes grew dark and grief-stricken. Talk about a kick in the arse! His own sister had just told him she couldn’t tell him?? That was a shock. For the past 1,000 years, she had never bothered to keep anything from him.

“Xella,” Xellos sighed, “please. I can tell something’s wrong. We’re Mazoku, and we’re twins. I can tell when you’re upset.”

Xella didn’t answer. She just pulled from him and walked away.


From the safety of a castle wall, Valgarv watched with narrowed golden eyes. His wings flexed a bit as he watched the Mazoku priestess leave the company of her brother. For a moment, he considered swooping down and finishing Xellos off while he had the chance, but instead, his eyes were drawn to Xella.

He had mistaken her for Xellos at first. She had short, dark violet hair that sat just above her shoulders; thick as honey, yet satiny and soft. Her features were sharp, her cheekbone accented a good deal just by the sharp angle, with a finely slanted chin. Just like Xellos. Even her eyes. She had bright lavender eyes, a lighter shade than her brothers, but when they were closed, she had the ability to give off the secretive feeling.

Everything else about her, however, was in complete contrast. She had a voice as soft as baby’s breath, and hated speaking up. Her build was very small and petite, with small hands and a fragile frame, whereas her brother was --despite the image he gave off -- very strongly built, looking as if he could take on a crowd quite easily in a hand-to-hand fight (if he ever bothered). He hid it behind cloaks. Xella was at least 8 or 9” shorter than Xellos, who stood around 6’ tall. She had small hands in comparison to Xellos’. Everything else was so totally different.

He had a strong urge to posess what he could never dream of getting near. He was a Ryuuzoku, she was a Mazoku. But he couldn’t fight back that urge. Why? He wasn’t exactly sure himself.


Xella sighed as she got ready. It was the day the party had been rescheduled for, and she was going to wear the wine red dress again. Actually, everyone was going to wear what they had worn that night when Xellos went berzerk.

She clipped her hair into a bun when she could’ve sworn she saw someone at the window. Spinning, she saw nothing but falling rain and the occasional flash of lightning.

How could someone be at the window anyhow? This was a tower room. She pinched herself hard, the pain causing a rush of contented pleasure to slip through her momentarily. She needed the pick-me-up.

“If someone hit me, it would do better,” she grumbled as she grabbed the sash. “I might be in a better mood then.” She looked out at the lightning illuminating the sky. “I can’t stop thinking about him. . .but I don’t know why! He’s a Ryuuzoku, I should be pushed away if anything. . .but I. . .”

She was stopped by a knock at her door. It was Princess Zelda.

“We’re going on down, Xella. Come down whenever you feel like it,” she said.

“All right,” Xella called back.

Alone in that dark room, she continued to think. The dragon that had tackled her was incredibly strong. She smiled a little.

“I could always introduce him to love. . .Mazoku style,” she giggled devilishly.

Suddenly, she saw the mysterious figure in the window again. This time, she was already staring AT the window, so she couldn’t miss it! She backed up slightly as the figure carefully moved the window aside, setting it inside the room, and entered. When the lightning illuminated the figure itself, Xella realized it was. . .

“Valgarv!!” she exclaimed.

“Hello, Xella,” he responded, watching her through frighteningly calm gold eyes.

He stepped up to her, lifting her head in his hand and looking down into her surprised lavender eyes.

“Get your hands off me, you. . .” Xella’s sentence wasn’t completed, for she had gone off into a long string of curse words, all spoken in some Mazoku language that Valgarv couldn’t possibly understand.

In reality, she was telling him how much she hated the fact that he was so incredibly attractive and she couldn’t believe she was falling for him, since he was Ryuuzoku and she was Mazoku. Throw in several swears here and there, and you had her entire 5 minute speech.

Valgarv blinked at her.

“Umm. . .okay,” he stated.

Xella took a deep breath.

“Okay,” she said. “Let’s just talk about this rationally. I wanna know why you’re in my room. . .”


The two talked for the better part of a half an hour, being drawn more and more to each other as they spoke. By the time they stopped talking, the tension in the room was so thick you could’ve cut it with a knife!

While Xella was watching out the window, Valgarv came up behind her and kissed her softly on the back of her neck.

“Valgarv-sama. . .we can’t. . .” Xella tried to protest, but paused as she felt his arms close around her waist.

She leaned back against him, closed her eyes, and invited more of his kisses on her cheeks, her neck, and finally -- when she turned to him -- her lips.

“We can, Xella-chan,” he reassured, lifting her into his arms, “and we will.”

He carried her over to the large, king-sized bed in the room and set her down gently. It was dark, but the clouds had broken and the rain was long gone. Shards of moonlight sliced through the darkness and through the tower window to illuminate their silhouettes. Quietly, neither of them saying a word, they undressed. Naked, beneath the blanket, they kissed again, and she felt herself slip softly, comfortably, perfectly into his embrace.

Valgarv was very gentle, and though she was used to pain as somewhat of an aphrodisiac, Xella found that gentle carresses could be pleasurable as well. His lips were as soft as feathers, trailing down to her stomach and then up to lift and caress her breasts again. Her moans were small whimpers that accompanied her quickened breathing, and mentally, she cursed herself for taking pleasure in soft, gentle touches.

After he entered her, their movements remained graceful and gentle, building slowly to each crescendo, and then building on that crescendo to reach greater heights each time, taking Xella’s breath away. Soon, she was spinning, but it was a pleasant vertigo, a light-headed feeling that made her feel happy. She felt as if she were falling back, but she didn’t feel endangered. It was a wonderful freefall, a flight through ecstasy, and when it was over, she found herself curling deeply into the dragon’s warm embrace... without even thinking twice.


“We didn’t see you at the party last night, Xella,” Princess Nepha of Feli noted as the group stood in the ballroom the next morning, cleaning up.

“I was tired,” sighed Xella, lowering her eyes. “I didn’t feel like coming down.”

Xellos raised a curious brow, watching his sister with the utmost intrigument. Something else was on her mind...


Elsewhere, Jamar, the man who had nearly killed Tannah the White Priestess twice, had plans of his own for the beautiful young phoenix girl, Netalia.

“It’s about time you brought her to me,” chuckled Jamar, looking at the bounty hunter Zangulus through narrowed eyes.

“You bastard,” snarled Netalia, pulling hard as she tried to get Zangulus to release his grip on her arms. She wasn’t wearing her normal cloak, but instead had on a sorry excuse for a sleeveless dress. One strap fell down over her left shoulder as she tried to pull away. “What do you want of me?”

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry and out from beneath those horrid cloaks,” chuckled Jamar. Look at you. Fiery turquoise eyes, ruby lips... You are truly beautiful, you know.”

Netalia turned her face away, trying not to look at him. He only put his hand under her chin and turned her head to face him.

“Don’t touch me,” snarled the young phoenix.

“Oh, I wouldn’t... but I know this ticks your daddy right off,” laughed Jamar.

He snapped his fingers, and one of his men entered the room, shoving Vrumugun in front of him. The wizard had binders on his wrists that prevented him from using magic.

“Netalia!” he exclaimed.

He tried to move foreward to help his daughter, but a shock of electricity rushed through him and he was thrown to the floor from the pain.

“Father!!” cried Netalia, her face growing worried from its hateful expression.

“Now, look at me phoenix,” snarled Jamar as Vrumugun weakly lifted his head, “if you try anything again, I’ll make your little girl wish she had never been born.” He grabbed Netalia by the hair at the nape of her neck. She cried out and tried to claw him, but he only grinned and kissed her, hard. Netalia shouted protests against his lips, and finally, he released her and threw her to the ground in front of Vrumugun. “Let’s go.”

He and his men left. Netalia, even though her phoenix instinct instructed her otherwise, started to cry. Vrumugun hugged his daughter and helped her stand.

“I’m sorry, Father, I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“It’s all right,” Vrumugun comforted quietly. “I have a plan. He’ll never torment you like this again.”

He looked out the flap of the tent. Jamar would pay.


“A dragon?!” exclaimed Lina Inverse. “You mean that dragon that tackled you?!”

Xella nodded slightly.

“Yep, that’s him,” sighed the priestess.

“Did you say anything to Xellos?”

Xella shook her head, not looking at Tannah -- who had been healed, at long last.

“Like hell I would,” she laughed sarcastically. “Xellos would have my arse if he found out what happened!”

“Guys!!” everyone looked up as Auburn Lawrence ran out, a note in her hand. “Guys, check this out!”

The group looked curiously at the Gerudo princess, then at the note in her hand.

“Who’s it for?” asked Tannah.

“It’s for Lina,” responded Auburn. “From someone by the name of... Vrumugun...”

Lina’s eyes widened.



“I need you to do me a great favor, Lina Inverse,” stated Vrumugun quietly as Lina approached him at the meeting place.

“What’s that?” scoffed Lina.

“I need you to keep an eye on my daughter, Netalia, if you would allow her to travel with you.”

Lina’s head shot up. “Daughter?!”

Vrumugun nodded slightly.

“Yes, my daughter. She’s in grave danger traveling with Jamar, and I’m afraid he will do something that will make her hate herself for the rest of her life. Please... I’m not the type of man who begs, but please.”

Lina stood awestruck for a few moments. Daughter? Vrumugun had a daughter?! A young daughter, from the sounds of it, possibly 17 or 18 years of age. Finally, Lina nodded.

“Okay,” she said. “We’ll do it.”

Vrumugun looked towards a grove of trees, from which walked a teenage girl dressed in cloaks not too indifferent from his own. On her forehead was a ruby gem, the Pyrestone, the mark of a phoenix. She hugged her father.

“Father, why do I have to do this?” she asked.

“It’s for your own safety,” responded Vrumugun, returning the hug lightly. “Believe me, my daughter, it’s safer. You do know I love you, right?”

Netalia smiled a little.

“I love you too, father...”

She stood back and watched as her father faded out into nothing.

“Let’s go,” sighed Lina.

The girl lowered her head and followed, all the way back to Hyrule castle.


“A new traveling companion? I can live with that,” shrugged Gourry.

“Tannah, Rezo, are you guys coming with us too? We really need to get to Seyruun, and you guys would be able to help us a lot,” Lina suggested.

“No,” Tannah responded with a shake of her head, wrapping her arm tighter around Rezo’s arm. “My husband and I have catching up to do.”

Xella and Xellos smiled a little. It was already decided that they were coming.

“Well,” Lina sighed, “we’ll be going then!”

As the group left, hearing farewells and seeing waves from their Hylian friends, they didn’t notice the dark figure following them from far behind...

Xella has GOT to be nuts. Ah well. Anyhoo, I think having a phoenix around will be a huge step up from what we had before! Considering Netalia is Vrumugun’s daughter, she must have power to spare! Let’s hope so! Hmmm... where could our next adventure lead us?

To Be Continued

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