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Angel of No Mercy

Rezo's poem about Tannah (with parts from Angel of No Mercy, by Collin Raye)

Angel of No Mercy

My friend joked with the thought.
ďExcellent taste for a blind man,Ē said he.
I could care less for looks I cannot comprehend.
She could be ugly as sin, it wouldnít matter to me.

You were my eyes when I could not see,
Until mage sight became just one more part
Of the many gifts you have bestowed
In my lonely and unworthy heart.

I wasnít ready for the touch
That turned my life around.
Now Iím helpless in your hands,
This love that ties me down.

Angel of no mercy,
You take my breath away,
And it feels so good it hurts me
To think that you might fly away.

Canít you see that Iíve surrendered?
You stole my poor heart blind.
Youíre an angel of no mercy,
But I donít mind.

Itís so strange how love can take
A heart as hard as steel,
Hold it tightly in the fire,
And teach that cold heart how to feel.

Touch me now, Iím still not sure
Youíre truly flesh and bone.
Heaven knows you canít be from
This world that I call home.

Eyes the sky envies (Iíve been told),
Hair soft as babyís breath.
Iíll stay with you until the day
The gods choose me for death.

Heaven knows where Iíd be now,
If you had not found me
On the road to places where
A man is not supposed to be.

Fair priestess, dearest comrade,
Weíve reached this point in life.
I once asked you to be my friend,
Now will you become my wife?

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