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The Cure

Zelgadis postulates all that seems to be left for him

The Cure

He is gone now, only one thing is left.
I am to find a way to turn my body normal once more.

I cannot take vengance, for he who made me this is changed.
The only thing left for me is to be normal again.

My face that of a monster, yet I must be strong.
I have to find a way to return to normal.

My skin as hard as stone, and yet I must endure.
There must be, has to be a way I can be human again.

People donít understand, they hate me for this,
But I still search for a way to be myself once more.

People fear what they donít understand, and hate what they fear.
Is there a way to return me to human form?

I hide my face, so people are not afraid.
I will one day be returned to normal, a human, not a chimera.

Iíve stopped searching for love, pity, or acceptance. . .
For who could love a man of stone?

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