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On A Journey

Ummm... I dunno

On A Journey
Halt fiend! DRAGU SLAVE! Hikari O! Gimme a break...
Ameria, Lina, Gourry, Zel, started off as one.

Transformation! Added on,
Princess Nepha of Feli joins the bunch.

Sore wa himitsu desu * ni!
Xelloss and Xella make for some fun.

Fire Storm, a chimera curse,
Tannah and Rezo adventure along.

Hylian antics, Gerudo pride, Kokiri knowledge.
Jette, Link, Auburn, and Jersey are some cool new friends.

Silent as stars, emotionless as death,
Young Netalia, the phoenix, adds to the pack.

On a journey for all purposes their own,
One incredible team!

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