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Justice Speech for the '90s

Amelia gives a lesson on how to give a justice speech

Justice Speech for the '90s

Justice now is hard to find, so I put this together today.
A justice speech for the '90s. It'll help along your way. ^_^

Justice triumphs always, righteous hearts prevail.
Evil always loses, the purest souls don't fail.

Now, that's just for the simple task, but when bad goes to worse,
You need to get a little deeper to purify their evil curse!

The Hammer of Justice, a true pacifist's tool,
And then there's some pointers for golden rules...

Pacifist Crush, Good Will Towards Men Kick,
Work when they won't cooperate with your righteous tick.

Now, here is your speech, and learn it well,
Because this is the speech to the bad guys you'll tell!

"Halt fiend, trapped in the heart of darkness, for you shall lose to me!
A warrior of justice true, justice shall set you free!

Your evil ways all vanquished, I shall smite them how?
With the HAMMER OF JUSTICE! Prepare to give up now!"

And that's a '90s justice speech, just from me to you.
I'm glad that you have read this... now go fight justice too!

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