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When A Writer Becomes Really Bored in Her Stories, Part 1

Yes, here it is, my LEMON glomp. Zel and Nepha are gonna kill me for this one! ((Zel and Nepha>> YOU KNOW IT!)) Oh yesh... WARNING!! THIS STORY IS A LEMON!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

When A Writer Becomes Really Bored in Her Stories, Part 1

Guess what? Jaime isn't in this one! Instead, she's just gonna sit and watch this unfold on her WordPad. Bwahahaha. It's a Zel/Nepha, script-like, LEMON GLOMP! This is incredibly short, and INCREDIBLY pointless!

*Everyone is in bed by now, and Nepha has fallen asleep in the room she and Zelgadis share. However, she won't remain asleep for long. She is awakened by someone kissing her cheek.

Nepha: *groan* What?

Zel: *soft, with that sexy voice of his ^_^* Wake up, dear...

Nepha: *groaning* I don't want any, go away (writer notes that reader may take this whichever way they want).

Zel: *while noting he'll have to kill Jaime later* It's Zelgadis, dear... Are you sure you don't want any? (that pun is intentional, folks! *gets whapped by Zel*)

*Nepha turns over and opens heavy-lidded eyes to Zel, then smlies faintly.

Nepha: Hello, my love... I didn't know it was you. *grin* But I just don't see how anyone could miss that terribly sexy voice of yours...

**Jaime is currently trying to avoid the fireballs being cast at her OOCly by Nepha and Zel.**

*Zel lies down beside her and pulls her against him, kissing her cheek softly. Nepha purrs slightly and turns towards Zel. Slowly, they find themselves both completely stripped.

**Jaime is still running from everything from Elmekia Lances to Gaav Flares**

Nepha: *q, panting slightly* Someone could... hear... us...

Zel: *kisses her* No... ev'ryone else is asleep...

*Zel proceeded to move his hands from Nepha's shoulders to her chest area (writer snickers at the lack of using a certain word she often uses). Nepha gasps and archs her back slightly as Zel kisses her again.

**Zel: Jaime, I'm going to KILL you!
Nepha: You're evil!! How can you do this to us?! This is our private life!!
Jaime: Just wait for the ending... it gets better. >:D

*Nepha moved her hands as well, down Zel's chest, across his stomach, to his hips...

**Zel is blushing and leaves the room w/ an uncomfortable expression on his face.**

*Zel groans slightly himself, shuddering. He kisses Nepha lightly again, but the kiss quickly turns fierce and passionate, given the current situation.

**Nepha is blushing very brightly as she reads the unfolding scene.**

*Finally, unable to bear the feeling this is causing anymore, Zel thrusts into Nepha (writer giggles uncontrollably). For what seems like an eternity, the two move together, and finally, Zel falls breathless on top of Nepha, who is also trying to catch her breath.

**Zel: *returns* GODS, woman!! Take away every ounce of dignity we have, why don't you?!
Jaime: I would, but then writing these glomp stories wouldn't be fun anymore.

Nepha: *panting slightly* Gods, Zel... you... really know... how to... wear a woman out!

Zel: *panting slightly as well* Yeah, well I... have... my practice (/).

*As the two lay there together, kissing and hugging and giggling and such, a noise is heard in the closet.

**Nepha: *groans* Yet another unexpected twist...
Zel: *groans as well* Bummer.
Jaime: Party poopers.

Zel: *tugs on his pants quickly* What was that?!

Nepha: *pulls the covers up to her chin* I--I don't know...

*Zel walks over to the closet, sword in hand (sword, as in the kind with a blade). He opens the closet, and there stands...

**Zel and Nepha: Oh, gods...

Zel: NANI?! Xellos... kisama, what are you doing here?!

Xellos: *giggles and holds up a video camera* Home videos, of course.


Xellos: *sweatdrops, grins cutely* ^_^ Ja ne! *disappears*

*Zelgadis runs off to find and kill the little masochist.

**So ends this pointless and short lemon glomp.
Zel: That's IT?! You torture and torture and torture us, just to have that kisama Xellos hiding in the closet VIDEOTAPING us?! *directed at Jaime* Namagomi...
Jaime: Hey, comic relief, gimme a break.
Xellos: *glomps Jaime* JAIME-CHAN!
Jaime: *growls* I almost forgot... since this is a Glomp fic, someone has to be glomped at least once...
Xellos: And I'm the guy to do it, my sweet little Jaime-chan! Shall we go make a lemon glomp of our own?
Jaime: *hits Xellos in a VERY uncomfortable place* NO, YOU HENTAI, MASOCHIST MAZOKU! *calms down* Baka...

(*Nepha and Zel chase Jaime out of the fic*)
Yep, End

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