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Xella and Valgarv's daughter Xylia contemplates the fact that her parents lied to her.


Why did they lie to me?
I am not just a child, but life such the hell.
A timid heart in a dragonís soul.
A Mazoku child, but Ryuuzoku as well.

How can I be two hated enemies?
How can I be two warring races?
So many people asking about me.
So many angry, turned away faces.

Shimatta! I am alone.
Elegant wings sprout forth from me.
Shimatta! I am alone.
A tail and horn, I on bended knee.

My mother is Mazoku.
She a demon, so I am too.
My father is a Ryuuzoku.
I am also a dragon, strong and true.

Tell me my purpose,
For I do not know.
Am I here to amuse?
A simple freak show?

My father and mother,
They love me so dear.
I know they do,
But why, do I fear?

Why did they always lie?

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