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Go Lina-chan!!  ^_^

My Little Gourry/Lina Coupling Shrine!

Run by the older Inverse gals, Kioko and Luna.

Kioko>> Hey! Kioko Inverse here, the younger of Lina's two older sisters. Yeah, two. Luna's the oldest. This here is a shrine dedicated to the idea of coupling my little sis and that hunky swordsman friend of hers, Gourry Gabriev. ~_^

Luna>> I'm Luna Inverse. Oh, and just get on with it, Kioko. I don't have all day, you know.

Kioko>> >P Don't get so uptight, Luna! Okay... so far, we have pictures (wow) of the Gourry/Lina coupling, and an explaination on why Asia-Jo likes the couple. I seriously suggest you read it, or she shall be very angry! Enjoy!!

Caring Embrace
Luna>> Gourry holds Lina in a loving embrace.

Keepin' it Cute
Kioko>>Gourry draws his sword, with one arm around Lina!


Gourry Saves the Day Again...
Kioko>> Lina looks a bit shocked, ne?

Luna>> You IDIOT! Just KISS her!!

Saving the Day
Kioko>> Gourry saves a battered and torn Lina from somethin' or other.

Just A Hug?
Luna>> Just a hug? Methinx not!

Kioko>> Lina bein' cute, with Gourry in the background.

The Kiss
Luna>> Yeesh! It's about time those two kissed!

Lina and Gourry
Kioko>> ^_^() I honestly wonder how he puts up with her...

Lina and the Toys
Luna>> *sigh* Lina and her plushy fetish...

Protective Boyfriend
Kioko>> Awwwwwww... Idn't that sweeeeeeeeet?

Shoulder Seat
Luna>> Lina, perched on Gourry's shoulder!

Terrific Threesome!
Kioko>> The kawaii couple in the front, with that weird guy Zelgadis in the back.

The Plushy Caper
Luna>> Yet again with the plushy fetish!!

Little Date!
Kioko>> THIS IS IT! Gourry and Lina's DATE!!

Spells and Swords
Luna>> Though their weapons are different, their hearts feel the same...

Kioko>> Lina and Gourry in front of a beautiful sunset...

In the Moonlight...
Luna>> Gourry holds Lina close under the moonlight.

Run back!