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Why I Like the Lina/Gourry Couple

Hehehe... yes, I AM odd!!

Why the Lina/Gourry Pairing Works

First, let's look at other potential couplings. Lina/Zel first.

Okay, I don't have anything against the coupling, but I personally think that Zel would get fed up with her after a while. I mean, Zel needs someone who can draw him out and be a friend and care about his sensitivities. Though I personally hate the coupling, Amelia is the best candidate for this. If you've noticed, he was still dark and quite dismal before he met Amelia. After meeting her, he started to soften up a bit. He's coming out of his shell for her, something I never saw him do with Lina.

Next, Lina/Xellos.

Okay... um... not that I have anything against other people's opinions, but I personally don't like this couple. Xellos is just... Xellos, and Lina's Lina. Xellos may be cute and all, but his mysterious nature and constant disappearing acts, not to mention his secretivity, would drive Lina up a wall. They would me (even though I'm a HUGE Xellosophile)!! Besides, Xellos is Mazoku. Isn't it said that humans rarely survive the Mazoku style of lovemaking?!

Now, the main couple. ^_^

Why I like Gourry/Lina... Well, the reasons are obvious. Personality and compatability. First off, personality. Lina started off as a petty thief, and she still was (somewhat) while traveling with Zel and Gourry together. Then, as time wore on and she continued traveling with Gourry a lot, she started to ease back a bit. Sure, she has her times, but she's not so much that as she was before. Gourry was smart, then got stupid, and is gradually getting smart again. He's also caring less about what happens to him and more about what happens to Lina (ex.: Gourry's tortured shout of 'LIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAA!!' in the end of the first ep of Volume 8, Slayers TV. ex 2: his reaction to Kanzel's knocking Lina off the edge of the Island in ep 4 of Volume 4, Slayers NEXT). He really starts to care about her, because despite how hard she tries to hide it, Lina can't be the tough girl all the time! ~_^

A little more on personality... A few more things about Lina changed after meeting Gourry. Like how he started to note more what happened to her, she started to care more about what happened to him. Before, she couldn't have cared less what happened to him, he could've gotten blown to HFIL for all she cared, but she changed (ex. her statement after looking at a wounded and unconscious Gourry, 'Now I can't forgive you' in ep 1 of Volume 8, Slayers TV. ex 2. after Gourry, Zel, Amelia, and Phil were brought back from the limbo in ep 2 of Volume 4 of Slayers NEXT, Lina instantly rushed to Gourry's side when she saw he was hurt, worried for his health... Gourry>> I'm okay, Lina... || Lina>> No, no, you're not!!). It's just an inevitable fact. ~_^

Now, compatibility. Dr. Love says Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev have 93% compatibility! Pretty good, doncha think? What else can I say? They're perfect for each other!

Written by, your favorite echidna Guardian gal...
Asia-Jo ^-^

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