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Darkness at Noon! The Gerudo Caper

Hellmaster Phibrizo's on the scene, and he wants to start some trouble...

Darkness at Noon! The Gerudo Caper

“Oh, c’mon guys,” chuckled Auburn Lawrence. “Kenneth has deprogrammed all his monsters.”

Zelgadis Graywords and Jersey Whyte looked at each other for a moment, then back at Auburn.

“How can we trust him? He is, after all, Ganondorf’s son,” Jersey stated.

“And I’m Ganondorf’s daughter. What difference does it make?” Auburn countered.

“Miss Auburn, are you sure your brother is going to keep his word?” questioned Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun. “I mean, Mr. Kenneth never really gave us a reason to trust him.”

At that point, Jette Matthews walked in, holding her sword in her hand.

“Jette?” questioned Jersey. “What’s going on?”

“There’s trouble in the Shadow Temple,” Jette responded. “I’m going to check it out.”

“Wait. . .shouldn’t I go with you?” Jersey asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine,” Jette smiled, giving Jersey a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you guys when I get back!”


Jette stepped into the Shadow Temple slowly. She knew when there was trouble. She could feel it.

Carefully, she cast Ray Wing and floated over the bottomless pit in the beginning of the temple. Nothing yet. She walked through the false wall and into the room with the statue of the bird in the middle.

“Hello?” she called. “Is there anyone in here?”

A stalfos dropped from the ceiling, causing Jette to cry out and jump backwards.

“A stalfos?!” she exclaimed, then growled out the name that instantly came to mind. “Kenneth.”

The stalfos leapt at her. For a moment, she fended it off. She couldn’t do that for long, however, and she was soon caught in its boney clutches.


“Any word?”

Jersey was watching as Gourry Gabriev and Link of Hyrule entered the room.

Both shrugged.

“But we did find this,” Gourry suddenly said.

He held out Jette’s sword. Jersey looked at it worriedly.

“Her sword!!” he exclaimed. “She never leaves it unprotected!”

“She may have been called by the sages,” Link shrugged. “She’s probably fine.”

“She’s probably not fine!!” cried Jersey. “Kenneth has her, I know it!”

“How can you be sure?” asked Gourry.

“Gourry has a point, Jers. Jette sometimes runs off and doesn’t tell us. She could just be in the Temple of Light, with the sages,” Link continued.

“I knew it, I knew it all along!” growled Jersey, ignoring Link. “I knew Kenneth was nothing but a liar. . .”

“Kenneth?” Auburn questioned, poking her head in the door. “What about him?”

“Your brother kidnapped my fiancée!” Jersey snapped.

“Jersey, how can you be sure?” asked Auburn, stepping fully into the room, Amelia looking out from behind her. “He did promise to deprogram all his monsters.”

“I don’t see him as the type to keep promises,” Jersey countered. “Why should we trust you, anyhow? You’re his sister, you’re just trying to stick up for him.” He stepped up to Auburn, looking down at her due to height difference. “And this is your best friend. You’re pathetic.”

“Jersey, I would never try to put Jette in any danger!” Auburn cried angrily, upset by Jersey’s harsh words. “It may have just been an accident! He could’ve missed one!”

“Whether you like it or not, I’m going to the castle to get her back!” growled Jersey.

He brushed past Auburn and Amelia, storming out angrily.

“What’s all the fuss in here?” called Lina Inverse, running into the room with the rest of the group.

“Jersey’s going to Kenneth’s castle,” sighed Auburn, “and we have to follow him.” She knelt next to Amelia, putting her hands on the girl’s shoulders. “Amelia, you stay here, with Princess Zelda. You’ll be safer.”

“But Miss Auburn, I wanna help!” Amelia exclaimed. “If Miss Jette’s in trouble, I think I should come and give you a hand!”

“You shouldn’t because Kenneth is a Gerudo sorcerer,” Link responded. “You’re a shamanist, and a cleric. If he miscast a spell. . .”

“Or cast one on purpose,” Zelgadis interrupted.

“You could get killed,” Link finished.

“Oh. . .” grumbled Amelia. “All right, I’ll stay.”

“Good,” nodded Lina. “C’mon, guys, let’s move out!” After everyone everyone had left, Amelia crossed her arms over her chest.

“I said I wouldn’t come with you,” she said softly, “but I didn’t say I wouldn’t follow!”

With that, she ran out the door to follow.


Kenneth yawned as he walked through the castle. He had nothing better to do than mope around today, so he decided to make sure the castle was clean.

Walking into the dungeon, he was surprised to find a very angry Jette sitting in her knees in one room.

“...Jette?” he asked in shock. “What’re you doing here?”

“Oh, you don’t know?” scoffed Jette. “I’d think you should.”

Kenneth was paying no attention to her by now.

“Aw, damn, I forgot to deprogram that stalfos... it must’ve gotten out of my reach...” he muttered to himself. Looking up again, he sighed. “My humblest apologies, Jette. Come, I’ll take you out of the castle.”


“I still don’t think Kenneth did it,” sighed Auburn as she and her friends approached the castle.

Jersey shot the young Gerudo princess a look that shot icicles, that Auburn returned without compunction.

At about the point that they reached the gates, Kenneth was walking out, Jette just behind him.

“There, you see?” he said. “I took you out, just like I said I would. I promised that there would be no more hostilities between us, and there aren’t. You’re free to go. I never meant what happened, in all due sincerity.”

Jette was about to say something, but Jersey stormed up and grabbed Kenneth’s shirt.

“Why did you do this?!” he growled. “You kidnapped her, didn’t you!”

“Jersey, I meant nothing of the sort,” stated Kenneth calmly. “You’re just overexaggerating the fact.”

Suddenly, there was an explosion from inside the castle.

“What the...?!” Auburn shouted.

“An attack?!” Kenneth questioned in shock.

They then headed into the castle to see what the commotion was.


The entire group was shocked when the entered the room, for there stood Phibrizo, the Hellmaster, his big green eyes glittering demonically.

“What’re YOU doing here, Hellmaster?” growled Zelgadis, baring his fangs as he prepared for a fight.

“I’ve come for her.” Hellmaster Phibrizo pointed at Lina, who blinked in shock. “If she doesn’t cast the Giga Slave, some very bad things could happen.”

With a grin, he cast a huge spell attack at the group.


The fight went on for hours, waging back and forth. Phibrizo obviously had the upper hand. With a short laugh, he threw a Gaav Flare.

“Valus Wall!”

Jette threw up the spell, holding strong against Hellmaster’s attack.

“Ye gods!!” shouted Kenneth. “This is insane!”

“There’s no way we can beat him,” growled Jersey.

The boyish demon was laughing demonically, his green eyes flashing.

“There’s no escape!” he laughed.

He fired a spell at Auburn, who was too shocked to move. Link blocked.

“Keep your guard,” he advised his guardian with a smile.

“Astral Vine!” shouted Zelgadis, raising the blade of his enchanted sword into the air.

He brought the blade down, but before the attack could be executed, he was slammed back into the wall.

Kenneth took a step back and held out his hand.

“Zeras Howl!” he yelled.

As he cast the spell, Hellmaster snapped his fingers. A more than shocked Amelia appeared in front of him!!

“Amelia, NO!!” Auburn cried.

It was too late. The girl was hit as Hellmaster faded off. Auburn tried, but couldn’t tear her eyes away as the little princess’s limp form was flung across the room.

If her legs had ever felt like lead, this was the time. Auburn felt as if it took an eternity just to get to Amelia’s side.

“Amelia...” breathed Nepha, turning from where Zelgadis was just coming to.

Kenneth stood like a mouse caught by the cat, silent and still in his shock. Jersey turned hateful eyes on him.

Auburn didn’t hear or see anyone, her attention was on the small girl cradled in her arms.

“M-miss Auburn, it’s s-so cold...” Amelia murmured, her voice almost inaudible.

“It’s okay, Amelia, you’re gonna be all right,” whispered Auburn. “I just need to cast this healing spell, and...”

Everything stopped. Amelia had fallen limp, her breath stopped. Auburn checked for a pulse.

“No, no, no...” she blurted, repeating herself almost incoherently. “No, not Amelia, no...”

“Auburn,” Kenneth whispered, kneeling in front of his sister and putting his hands on her shoulders. “Auburn, she’s...”

“No!!” Auburn sobbed, lifting tearfilled, agonized green eyes to meet the shocked blue depths of her brother’s. “She can’t be! Amelia can’t be... She can’t be dead!!”

Everyone else looked up as Hellmaster’s wicked laughter filled the room.

“Only one casualty of battle!” he said. “However, the war is far from over. And to make sure you all return as I intend, I’m going to take a consolation prize!”

Gourry cried out suddenly, dark energy wrapping around his strong form.

“Gourry!!” cried Lina, reaching out for his hand.

She was a split second too late as Gourry disappeared.

“To save him, you have to come to the worship hall of the Spirit Temple and defeat me!”

It was obvious he was baiting the trap.


The next full day at the palace in Hyrule was terribly quiet. News had been sent to Prince Philionel that his daughter was killed, and he had sank into a deep illness/depression.

“So what do we do now?” asked Nepha, sighing. “We can’t fight Hellmaster straight on... Lina may have to use the Giga Slave.”

No one looked at Lina, who was pondering a dream she had experienced the night before. All her friends, killed if she lost control of the Giga Slave. The whole world could be destroyed...

“Lina, are you listening?” Lina was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Kenneth talking. “Well? Should we use it? Auburn and I could cast it...”

“That wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t let you,” Lina sighed. “If anyone’s going to cast it... it will be me.”


As the group trekked through the Haunted Wasteland, Lina felt a feeling of dread pass over her. The area was dark and quiet, a bad thing for this time of day, especially since this place was usually a billowing sandstorm.

Then, out of nowhere, a blast of energy flew at the group! Everyone leapt to varying sides, avoiding the attack.

“What in thunder...?!” cried Jette.

Auburn looked around.

“Where’s Kenneth?!” she cried.

“He probably ran off like the coward he is,” growled Jersey. “But in the meanwhile, we have bigger problems. Look over there.”

Everyone’s eyes followed the gaze of the Kokiri sorcerer. There, in the swirling dust and sand, stood a man in armor, and he was holding Gourry’s Hikari no Ken!!

“Oh, please, Phibrizo...” growled Lina. “Stealing Gourry’s sword and giving it to one of your own lackeys... I’ll handle this!”

She instantly started to cast the Dragon Slave. Once it was cast, she thought the fight was over, until she saw the swordsman standing boldly unharmed before her!

“My turn,” Zelgadis growled lowly.

He started to walk towards the swordsman, his sword held tightly in his hand.

“Be careful, my love,” purred Nepha.

“We’d have seen a great match-up if Gourry were here,” sighed Zelgadis. “Too bad.” He lifted his sword a bit. “Astral Vine.”

At that point, he lunged into battle, each one giving and taking blows. The chimera was obviously shocked by the skill of the swordsman. Suddenly, as Zelgadis dove back, Lina cried out...

“Zel, MOVE!”

In that instant, she cast the Ragna Blade, leaping at the mysterious swordsman. He got in a few good hits on her as she cast the spell, but she was one up. When the spell hit the sword of light, it exploded into energy, leaving a greatly weakened Lina lying in the sand as the mask the swordsman was wearing began to crack...

Lina coughed as Link helped her stand. The mask was completely breaking away...

Everyone gaped in shock as thick blond hair fell into the swordsman’s face as the armor fell away. It was...

“GOURRY!!” shouted Lina.

“Ohhh... looks like my secret’s out!”

“Phibrizo,” growled Jette.

“Let him go!!” Lina cried.

“Why should I?” Phibrizo chuckled. “Pity you know who you’re fighting now, though...” Gourry’s body was enveloped in black energy again as Lina fought to get to him. However, the weakness from her casting Ragna Blade caused her to fall short as Gourry faded away. “Round two should have even MORE surprises,” Hellmaster continued, the smile on his face easy to hear. He continued in a sing-song voice, almost a mockery of the tears of despair streaming down Lina’s face. “Hope you’re lookin’ forward to it!”


The trip deep into the Spirit Temple was long and dangerous. There was no telling what awaited them within. Lina herself was deep in thought.

*Look at them all...* Lina thought to herself. *I wish I knew Auburn’s motivation.* She looked at the Gerudo princess, who had her head held high in expectation of the fight. *It’s either anger that the temple was defiled, hatred for Hellmaster, or just plain grief from Amelia's death...* She looked at Jette and Jersey. *Only the gods know how long those two have been together. Incredible how they agreed to fight with me on this one.* Her eyes shifted to the unusual chimera/Felinic couple of Zelgadis and Nepha. *Zel and Nepha are so close... if one died, the other probably would too. They have to come out of this alive.* Finally, she looked at Link. *He came to make sure Auburn lived. I know how Link is, always trying to be the hero.* She sighed again and looked back at the path before her. *I know MY objective. My objective is Gourry. We’ve fought long and hard to save each other, and I’m not going to lose him now...*

“We’re here.”

Auburn’s calm voice broke through Lina’s thoughts as they stood at a large, ornately decorated door.

“What is it?” asked Nepha.

“This is the entrance to the worship room of the temple. Within here is the statue of our goddess, Saheria. This is where Hellmaster said we could find him,” responded Auburn.

“I hate being in here,” grumbled Jette. “It gives me the creeps.”

“Must be a shiekan thing,” shrugged Jersey.

“This is it, guys,” Link sighed shakily.

“I’m ready when you guys are,” continued Zelgadis.

“We may as well,” Nepha stated.

“Then let’s go!” Lina said boldly.

She placed both hands on the door, pushing it open. Once they were all safely inside, it slammed shut again. All eyes shifted to the center of the room, on the sacrificial platform, where sat Hellmaster Phibrizo, a cute smile on his round little face.

“Damn you, Hellmaster,” growled Auburn.

“Ah-ah-ah!” advised the young looking demon. He pointed to one of the outstretched hands of the statue of Saheria. Just above it floated a crystal, within which was... Gourry?! “Don’t want your friend to be hurt, do you?”

“GOURRY!!” shrieked Lina, trying to lunge forward, only to have Zel's arm go around her waist and pull her back.

“No, Lina!” he ordered sternly, setting her on her feet behind him. “Get too close and he may kill Gourry...”

“Oh, you little bastard...” growled Auburn, her green eyes flashing angrily. “I’ve had about all I can take...”

“Oh, a Gerudo,” grinned Hellmaster. “That won’t do at all. She can cast the Giga Slave perfectly without it going out of control...” He noted that her hands were glowing black, which meant that she was preparing to cast the exact same spell that was in mention. “I have no use for you.”

He looked at the six tiny golden orbs that had been floating over his hand since the group had entered the room. As Auburn started to incant the spell, Phibrizo crushed an orb between his forefinger and thumb.

Auburn faultered, her breath leaving her as if it had never been there. She staggered, clutching at her chest, before she fell, her body completely limp, no breath coming from her being.

“AUB!!” screamed Jette, trying to run up to her friend. “Auburn, NO!”

Jersey stopped her, pulling her into his arms as he glared angrily at Hellmaster.

“You little monster!” he yelled.

“Hmm... the Great Enchantress and the Great One? I'll get rid of both of YOU at once,” sighed the boyish devil, crushing two orbs in his hand.

Both Jette and Jersey staggered, Jette falling heavily into Jersey’s arms, as Jersey fell to his knees.

“Jette...” Jersey breathed.

“Jersey...” whispered Jette.

Their lips locked for one last time, and with that, they both collapsed, both of them gone.

“Oh my God, Jersey... Jette...” Lina managed to say, her breath catching in her throat. “Auburn too...”

“Do something, Lina!” cried Link. “You know you can!”

Lina couldn't move, frozen where she was. This was impossible, absolutely impossible. She didn’t feel anything. She couldn’t move, couldn't breathe. People were dying, dying because of her.

“Oh please, Lina, don't make me kill anyone else... it’s so tiring,” yawned Phibrizo, looking so much like a mere child as he brought his hand up to his mouth.

“You son of a...” growled Zel, starting to lunge for Phibrizo...

His step came up short as his own orb shattered in Hellmaster’s fingers. He choked and fell as Nepha ran up to him, cradling his upper body in her small arms.

“No, no! No, my love, you can’t... you can’t leave me...” she pleaded.

“Shhhhhh...” hushed Zel, fighting to get breath. “I love y--”

He was cut off as he faded off, he too taken by Hellmaster. Nepha sobbed, then turned tear-filled green eyes to Phibrizo.

“Bring him BACK!” she shouted.

“Nepha, no, get back!” Lina cried.

“Spirit Wave!”

The half-Felinic princess cast the spell, but it too was futile. Another orb shattered, and Nepha breathed ‘I love you’ to her late love, and fell limp upon his already motionless form.

Now, only Link and Lina remained.

“Lina, you have to use it,” Link encouraged harshly. “You have to use the Giga Slave...”

Lina couldn't move again. Her eyes were locked on the Hero of Time, his blond hair falling wildly into his frightened blue eyes. He was shaking ever so slightly as he held the Master Sword tightly with BOTH hands!

“I can't, I can't use it,” Lina whispered, shaking her head.

Link growled softly and turned to Hellmaster.

*Even if I die... I have to get Lina to kill this stupid little kid...* he thought. “Okay, Hellmaster, my turn!” Without warning... he kneeled!! “I know when I’m beat. I was just passing through when I saw the rest of them on their way here, so just let me go, okay? I beg of you.”

“Hmmmm...” Hellmaster said thoughtfully.

Link’s eyes suddenly blazed with fury. He lunged at the boy with the angry swiftness and agility of a jungle cat, his sword held high over his head.

Phibrizo then shattered the last orb.

Link faultered in his jump, landing on his knees right in front of Phibrizo, his sword resting on the demon’s shoulder.

“Almost... gotcha...” he growled quietly. Hellmaster blasted him back. Link landed hard, his sword clattering out of his hand. “I’ve failed...”

He gasped in a final breath and fell limp.

“Now, Lina... I’ve killed EVERYone,” Phibrizo chuckled softly. “I could go one st-- what?!”

He was shocked as a Nightmare Blaze sped at him at lightning speed, slamming him back against the goddess statue. Growling painfully, he at looked one of the upper doorways -- as did Lina -- to find a young Gerudo man standing there.

“Kenneth?!” cried Lina in shock.

“You contemptable little runt,” Kenneth snarled, leaping down. “You’re going to pay and pay dearly for killing my sister and her friends.”

“Oh, please,” laughed Phibrizo. “The Gerudo prince? What a joke!”

“This is for Auburn,” growled Kenneth finally. “Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest ni--augh!!”

Phibrizo took out another orb almost instantly, shattering it as Kenneth started to speak the words to the Giga Slave. As the Gerudo started to fall, Lina ran over and caught him.

“Kenneth!” she cried.

“You wanna save ‘im, doncha?” Lina heard Kenneth mutter.

“Don’t talk, Kenneth, save your strength!” Lina ordered, lowering him so that she was kneeling and his head was laying in her lap.

He shook his head.

“You...ungh... love him, doncha? You... love Gourry?” he stammered. “Even... if the... entire world... is destroyed... does it matter... Lina? You’ll... be dead... anyhow... Why... should you give... a... damn... Save... the man... you... love... Cast the Giga Slave... Tap... the magic... from mine and Auburn’s... bodies... Kill that little sonuva--AUGH!”

Kenneth’s body shuddered heavily before he too fell completely limp.

“Kenneth?!” Lina whispered frantically. “KENNETH!”

“Aw, how terrible,” mocked Hellmaster. “If you’re still not entirely convinced, you know what I’ll do next.” He grinned as each lifeless body was encased by a crystal identical to the one Gourry was trapped in. All eight crystals then floated behind him. “These chambers are the crystalized essence of the life that has left their bodies. If they break, that person dies. And when one of those crystals shatters, it’s such a breathtaking sight. Don’t you want to see it?”

“Who’d wanna see that?” murmured Lina.

“You just won’t give in until I actually kill someone, will you?” laughed Phibrizo. He turned to the orbs. “Hmm... so who should I kill first? How about this Sheikan girl here...” Lina’s eyes widened as he stood before the crystal in which Jette was encased. “Oh, I know! We’ll start with him!” He walked over and stood in front of... GOURRY?! “Unless you do something, he is about to die...”

His hand glowed with energy, and the crystal started to crack...

“Gourry, NO!!” shouted Lina. Her hands glowed black with energy. “I don’t care where I get it from! Give me the power to kill Phibrizo!” She pulled her hands together, black energy gathering between them. “Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night...”

“So, you're finally ready,” grinned Hellmaster.

“King of Darkness who shines like gold upon a sea of chaos!” She sobbed lightly. “Even if the entire world is destroyed, I don’t care... right now, I choose Gourry over the entire world!” She lifted her eyes back to Hellmaster. “I call upon thee, swear myself to thee... let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess!!!”

She lifted her hands as the huge mass of chaotic energy took shape and form.

“At last!” cackled the boy demon. “Now, I will destroy her earthly body and cause the spell to lose control! The chaotic energy will run WILD!!” Energy shot from him in the form of tiny, glowing red darts towards Lina. As she was hit, she felt herself growing weaker, and the spell became more difficult to control... “Let your body be pierced by the souls of the dead!”

All of a sudden, Lina could bear it no longer. She lost complete control over the spell, lost all feeling in her body, almost as if she were being pushed out of her own mind...

As the energy swirled and darted about the room, Phibrizo laughed maniacally. This was the moment he had been waiting for! Then, suddenly...

The energy calculated itself and swirled to control into Lina’s hand. Her hair was blown back, and there was a golden aura around her.

“What?!” shouted Phibrizo. “She controls it! The power...”

“You who so desire destruction,” murmured Lina, her voice sounding oddly different. “By my power, you shall be destroyed.” The demon tried to retreat into the statue. “That won’t work.”

Energy and nothingness pulled the Hellmaster back out into the room to land before Lina.

“Tell me who you are!” Phibrizo pleaded, strange green eyes full of fear.

“I am the Mother of Chaos. I am the creator of all things dark and evil. I am she who has dreamed for millenia uncounted of regaining my true form. I am darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night. That is how you describe me,” stated ‘Lina.’ She lifted her eyes, which were glowing golden. “I am called L-Sama.”

Phibrizo let out a gasp of fear and awe.

“Impossible!!” he cried. “Impossible! I thought the spell only drew power from you, called upon your energy!! How could you possibly be here?!”

“My mind is my power, power is my mind,” stated the being in control. “When uncorrupted by other elements, my mind becomes my purest power.”

Phibrizo stood silent for a moment, his head down.

“How could this be happening? To have all my plans run so perfectly to have this sudden reversal awaiting me at the end? All my perfectly set schemes, all my calculations!” He laughed darkly, lifting his head. “My plans... my plans!! All my calculations, all my schemes, this perfectly set plan, so close to its fruition!! I wanna be DESTROYED!!” The boy went perfectly calm. “So close to its fruition! I wanna be DESTROYED! Destruction! Yes... that’s the true wish of any monster, isn't it? Isn't it?! That's what we were created for, wasn’t it?” He lifted his eyes to L-Sama. “That was what YOU created us for!!” He grinned. "I understand now, Mother... that girl is too small a vessel for you! That is why I must DESTROY her!! I will free your chaotic energy! Let the world be destroyed WITH ME!!”

He went true form, a huge black beast of energy. He fired a blast of energy from that, and the room was filled with darkness...

The energy became concentrated, pulled into the tiny orb of light sitting in L-Sama’s hand.

“You who lust for death and destruction,” she murmured. “As you desire, you shall be destroyed.”

At this point the crystal chambers opened, releasing the now living beings from within. Auburn let out a slight gasp as she sat up beside Kenneth.

“What happened?” asked Kenneth, then looked up. There was a huge chamber of light before them, and Gourry stood there, staring almost stupidly. He started to take a step, but Zelgadis and Jersey held him back. “Hold him!”

Phibrizo, battered to the inferno and back, was running towards the outter edge of the light, trying to escape something... until his body was completely consumed by dark energy and he disappeared.

“Phibrizo...” breathed Nepha in disbelief. “He’s dead?” The energy retreated until the area was empty, leaving only Lina’s form standing on the hand of the goddess statue, her body radiating golden energy.

“Lina!” cried Zelgadis.

“No,” murmured a quiet voice. “That is not Lina Inverse.” Everyone looked up as two figures phased in on the other hand of the statue. Xellos Metallium, with his twin sister Xella standing beside him. “We have seen all that has happened here today. She is no longer Lina Inverse. She is the Mother of Chaos herself. The Golden Lord.”

“You mean she’s...” Jette breathed.

“L-Sama?!” finished Jersey.

“Then where’s Lina?!” Kenneth questioned.

“I came here because the one called Lina willed me to,” the entity at last spoke. “Her pure heart, her deepest honest desires. Because of these things, I am here now. She sacrificed all that she was to save that man’s life.” She pointed at Gourry. “The man named Gourry.”

“She... sacrificed herself?” breathed Nepha.

Xellos and Xella both kneeled in service to the entity before them.

“She spoke the very words herself. ‘My power is my mind,’” Xella explained.

“Then where’s Lina?” growled Auburn in a shout. “What has happened to Lina?!”

“The chaos that forever exists within me has consumed her,” L-Sama responded.

“Damn it all!” shouted Zelgadis, slamming his fist into the ground.

“The polar opposite of nothingness is existance,” Xellos stated. “When existance calls upon oblivion, it must return to oblivion.”


All eyes turned in shock to Gourry, who was looking straight at L-Sama.

“I don't know what you did to her, but if Lina’s disappeared, I want it undone... I WANT IT UNDONE!!” he shouted angrily.

L-Sama only turned and started to retreat into the void left by the Giga Slave.

And Gourry took off after her!

Leaping rocks and other debris wasn’t difficult for the agile young swordsman, which was a shock. The magic users were following, using levitation or Ray Wing, and they were still being forced back.

In the end, however, the magic users’ efforts were futile. Only Gourry actually made it inside...


Inside, there was brightly colored light everywhere. Gourry shuddered hard as his armor shattered away. He was catching up.

“Lina!!” he cried. “So maybe you’re stubborn and... and sort of perverse! Maybe you trick people with your charm! Maybe you look down on anyone who’s weaker than you, but I... Lina!! I need you!”

His sword suddenly unsheathed itself, the light blade extended. Gourry watched in awe as it broke through the veil of darkness separating he and Lina, who appeared to still be inhabited by L-Sama.

Finally, he grasped her wrists. The hollow shell of what Lina was closed its eyes and disappeared into nothing, leaving Gourry grasping air.

Gourry let out a soft gasp of disbelief lowering his tear-filled blue eyes.

Then, he looked up! Tiny droplets of energy were appearing before him, and in no time at all, he found Lina there before him. He was holding her up, his hands locked gently onto her hips.

Finally, her eyes opened. She looked at him for a long moment, then smiled happily.

“Gourry!” she cried softly.

“Ha... Lina!”

He pulled her to him, hugging her tightly. Never before had he been this happy to see that fiery little red-head. When they both pulled back, it was no surprise that their lips met. This time, the kiss wasn't from being overjoyed or happy that the other was all right. That couldn’t be the excuse this time. Gourry didn’t even notice as his sword resheathed itself. This time, they both admitted it... This was love.


“I don’t believe it,” sighed Nepha, shaking her head. “Gourry, Lina... gone...”

Zelgadis hugged her a little bit tighter as Jette cried against Jersey’s chest. Auburn looked at the goddess statue as Kenneth placed his hand on her shoulder.

“There’s some things that even Saheria can’t change,” he told her.

Suddenly, a light began circling over one of the statue’s outstretched hands. Everyone watched in awe as Lina and Gourry materialized there, caught in a loving embrace.

No one spoke or breathed.

But Gourry did whisper something to Lina.

“Marry me...” he murmured quietly.

Lina nodded against his chest and looked up. When the two realized, however, that everyone else was staring at them, they jumped back from each other as if nothing had happened.

“Well,” Auburn smiled. “Things have just gotten a hell of a whole lot more interesting.”

She knew somewhere deep down that she was never going to forgive herself for Amelia’s death, or (after they had gotten word a few days later) Prince Phil’s. She still secretly felt that it was her fault this had all happened. But all in all, aside from that, things had gone well. Hellmaster was gone, everyone was safe, Lina and Gourry were now officially engaged... wasn’t that enough?

To Be Continued!

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