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Slayers Destiny!

The continuation of the Slayers, Mystic Blade series!

‘Till Death! Marriage Problems on Mipross!’
While vacationing on Mipross Island to get away from the women, Gourry is informed of the renewing of the vows of his friends Akira and Amaya Midori. Unfortunately, Amaya wants a divorce!! Zel fakes a fight with Akira, only to have Amaya vow to kill him! Things are really getting bad for our chimera comrade...

‘Darkness at Noon! The Gerudo Caper!’
After a deal with Kenneth releases the Hylians from the threat of attacking monsters, a monster that escaped this fate kidnaps Jette! Though Kenneth goes to release her, Jersey believes it was on purpose. During the fight, something terrible happens to Amelia!! Will Auburn be able to cope?

‘Web of Seduction! The Victory of the Ice King!’
Dynast Grausherra, mysterious Mazoku Lord of the Arctic north, has been watching the new Hellmaster Vian’s general, Taka dor Vidan Kopru, for a while now. He’s fallen in love, though he doesn’t know how, and vows to take her as his own... no matter what it takes.

‘Crowning the Chimera! Trouble in Feli’
Zelgadis is being crowned the chosen prince of Feli, destined to marry the princess named Nepha. Everything seems to be going off without a hitch, and it all comes down to the finale, when they realize that someone has stolen the Sword of Light, and Mystic Blade as well!

‘Search for the Blessed Blade! The Joining of the Hylians’
Link, Jersey, Jette, and Auburn are on a quest to Sairaag to find the legendary Blessed Blade, the heart of the holy tree Flagoon, to save Hyrule! Problem is, its guardian Joraianu isn’t about to give it up, and he keeps throwing everyone off course! Who knows where they’re going to end up?

‘Let’s Forget the Past! The Metalliums and the Dragon’
Furious about the annihilation of her people nearly 1000 years ago, Feria Ul Copt comes looking for Xellos and Xella! The twins have to find some way to get her to forgive Xellos and not hold the grudge against them! If they don’t, the twins may be seperated. . .for good!

‘Song of the Swordsman! Gourry and Link Work Together’
The Hero of Time and the Swordsman of Light are working together to save their respective brides. Zelda and Lina have been kidnapped by Joraianu, and Link and Gourry are out to find them. They’ve got to work fast, however, because someone else is lurking in the shadows, waiting to come out. . .

‘The Strong of Heart Survive! An Unlikely Pair’
Zelgadis and Jersey are in trouble now, but they don’t know why! they decide to find out who’s framed them before the kingdoms of Feli, Hyrule, and Sairaag decide to dispose of them! But how? Who is behind this evil plot? Who would want to destroy the prince and the Great One. . .?

‘Never Enough! Shamanism and Black Magic Don’t Mix’
The worst thing in the world is to put a shamanist and a practician of the black arts together in one adventure, but Jette and Lina have no choice! Trapped inside a labyrinth by the Ice King Dynast, the two have to get out before they’re killed. And Kenneth. . .is helping them?! This could cause problems. . .

‘Finding the Truth! Zelgadis’ Ultimate Choice’
After being dumped into the Lake of Restoration, Zelgadis’ golem and demon parts begin to fade. However, as a human, Mystic Blade won’t allow Nepha to love him! Will Zel learn that being a chimera is the best thing that’s happened to him, or will he lose the love he fought so hard to keep?

'Meeting in Hate! Vian Dufraine Has Got To Go!
Vian Dufraine, the replacement for Hellmaster Phibrezo, is causing too much trouble for his own good. The Generals have already gotten rid of Li and brought back Gaav, but what to do about Vian? Oh, they have plans... They're going to bring back the Hellmaster himself. And his first duty? Kill Lina Inverse, Jette Matthews, and Auburn Lawrence!

'Twin Trouble! The Great Showdown With Gaav!'
Gaav's plans are going too far! When he attacks Wolfpack Island and kills a pack of Zeras' wolves, Xellos and Xella are sent to stop him. Tragedy strikes, however, when Xella attempts to save her brother's life!! Xellos opts to save his now dying sibling, though, and gives her all his power!! What will Xella do now?!

'The Cat's Meow! A Trick Up the Princess' Sleeve!'
Jette, Auburn, and Lina have been on the run from Dynast for a while. What better way to help them than to hide them, right? Wrong! When Nepha turns the three into cats, Dynast formulates a new plan of his own. That Siberian tiger of his may do the job nicely. . .

Run back!