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Mazoku, Ryuuzoku, What A Pair!

Asia-Jo's strange poem, based upon the coupling of Xella and Valgarv, with a strange little ending twist!

Mazoku, Ryuuzoku, What A Pair!

Tiny, petite, soft satin hair.
A mirror of her brother, but still so small.
Tiny hands, bright lavender eyes.
Baby's breath voice as soft as wind.

Tall and strong, a monster compared to me.
A dragon, but still gentle, dark as night.
Bold strong hands, dark golden eyes.
Saved me many times, but still I fear.

Her brother a Mazoku, thus she is as well.
I a Ryuuzoku, this could never work.
Voice a dagger dipped in honey, secrets hidden.
Buried in a soul of Hell, can there be more?

He a Ryuuzoku, our kinds are mortal enemies.
I a Mazoku, this could never work.
Though he speaks as sweet as morning dew,
We have our likenesses, but we are so different.

Skin like silk, piercing inhuman eyes of fairest heather.
Eyes to see within one's soul, deep within one's heart.
Gentle hands respond with touch and holding tight.
Stealing innocence, a Mazoku's love, keep me through.

He who seems so strong, to me so frail.
A Ryuuzoku could never survive our kind of love.
Or is he strong enough? Could he survive? Strong hands, holding tight, stealing innocence, keep me through.

~She so innocent, he so young.
Speak I now in mortal tongue.
A game of love for lovers stray.
The game this one Puck plays today.

Breast to breast, and heart to heart.
A fire of passion they've dared to start.
With my help, they love in the cool night's air.
Mazoku, Ryuuzoku, what a pair!~

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© 1997