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Side Story

WARNING!!!! Side Story IS a lemon! Continue reading only if you are a mature reader and are not offended by lemony stuff. If you are, you may want to get out of here... NOW.

Side Story

~What does it look like? This side story is what would happen had I never made my own chars, or if my pal here had never made her own, and the list goes on. Original chars, all the way! Right now, we find ourselves follows Gourry, Lina, Amelia, and Zel as they wander down a lone path, and prepare to set up camp for tonight. WARNING!! This gets lemony!!~

“Why can’t we stop?” grumbled Lina Inverse. “We’ve been walking all day!!”

“Not counting the fifteen stops we made for you to eat, Lina-chan,” joked Zelgadis Graywords, casting a wry smile at the petite sorceress.

Lina would’ve reached over and hit Zelgadis, if she didn’t know better. That would leave a nasty bruise on her hand, hitting his stone skin!

“Hey, Lina… this looks like as good a place as any to stop for the night,” Gourry Gabriev said, looking at a small open area with a stream running past. “Fresh water, space to sleep…”

“But Gourry-san, isn’t this a little obvious?” questioned Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun. “I mean, what if Xellos-san shows up?”

For saying this, she received an angry scowl from Zelgadis.

“Don’t bring him up, Amelia. It’s trouble enough that he hangs around anyhow,” he growled.

Amelia’s eyes widened, frightened by the low tone of the chimera’s voice, and instantly quieted.

“Amelia may have a point, but I’m too tired to worry about that crazy Mazoku right now,” Lina yawned. “We may as well crash here.”


Zelgadis, after they were all set up, was now giving Gourry the most amused look in all of history.

“Gourry,” he chuckled, “if that’s a Sword of Light, why does it need cleaned?”

Gourry blinked at Zelgadis a few times in confusion.

“Whataya mean, Zel?” he asked.

“Never mind,” sighed Zelgadis, shaking his head.

Lina glanced over at Zelgadis, raising a curious brow. Why did he have to look so mysterious, so… so damn sexy?! Damn him!!

Zelgadis swore he felt someone looking at him, and turned his head a bit. As he did, Lina quickly looked back to where she and Amelia were fishing for dinner. He raised the stone plates over one eye in a similar fashion to raising an eyebrow. What was she thinking?


Zelgadis settled back with a cup of coffee once he was done eating, deciding he was going to watch everyone else for a while. They were so engrossed with their food, they didn’t even notice he was watching Lina in particular.

**I wonder if she still views me the way she did when we first met?** he pondered. **As that demon creature that attacked her without warning. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again if I have to. They all just consider me their personal side-show freak!!**

He sighed, not noticing that everyone had stopped eating and was looking at him, and he was staring at his full cup of coffee, that he had not yet touched.

Instinct made him feel that it wasn’t just the fact he was blank they were staring at.

“Zelgadis-sama, are you all right?” questioned Amelia, tilting her head to one side.

Zelgadis lifted his head, blinking. Oh, this was good.

Instead of answering, he stood and retreated to his bedroll.


Starless night. Full moon, but no stars. Zelgadis sighed as he stared at the empty sky. He was away from the others, where they couldn’t hear him, even if he shouted. He didn’t even bother to look up as he heard someone approach.

“Go away,” he grumbled. “I don’t feel like talking.”

“What’s wrong, Zel?” asked the figure who had approached. “You usually never stay this far out from the rest of us.”

Zelgadis’ head shot to the side. There stood Lina, looking at him sympathetically.

“No reason,” Zelgadis replied softly, turning onto his side with his back to Lina. “I just felt like being alone.”

Lina sat down next to him, hugging her knees, but not looking at him.

“Weird, isn’t it?” she asked after a few minutes of silence.

Zelgadis yawned a bit.


“No stars out. The moon seems… kind of like that single light you turn on in a room at night.”

Zelgadis allowed his eyes to drift over, Lina still wasn’t looking at him. He was glad he had his bedroll pulled over his shoulder. Idiot. He shouldn’t have bothered to take off his shirt!!

“Like a single eye that stares at you, accusing you and condeming you for all your past wrongs.”

Now, Lina looked at him.

**Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything,** she thought worriedly. **I hope I didn’t depress him TOO much!!**

“Why are you always so dark? You’ve got all your friends…” Lina paused for a moment, then smiled a bit. “You’ve got me!”

Zelgadis turned his head a bit, a wry smile forming on his lips.

“I do, do I?” He sat up, not bothering with the bedroll. Maybe that would scare her off, even though he really didn’t want to. “I’ve got very few friends. Gourry is an aquaintance, and I’d prefer to believe Amelia’s just a bad dream.” He raised a brow, smiling a little wider. “But you? I thought you just considered me a freak? Someone here for your amusement?”

Lina blinked at him.

**Whoa… pity he never took off that tunic more often!! Stone skin or not…** she wondered to herself. Quickly, she shook it off. **Gods, Lina, what are you thinking?!**

“You’re no freak,” Lina countered, putting her hands on her hips. “I really think you don’t look bad at all!”

Now it was Zelgadis’ turn to blink. What exactly did she mean by that, he wondered. He blinked again. He hadn’t even noticed Lina had her hair up. A loose sweater and loose pants. She had been getting ready for bed.

“Trying a different style?” he questioned, letting his eyes drift.

“Oh!” Lina laughed. “I forgot I had this up!”

She reached back and tugged the band out, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. Zel lowered his eyes to stare at his bedroll, clearing his throat.

“You were getting ready for bed?” he asked.

Lina nodded.

“But I decided to stop by and find out why you were being so distant,” she shrugged. “I was worried.”

“You?” laughed Zelgadis. “Worried about me?”

Lina blushed a bit.

“Well, yeah…” she murmured. She stared at the ground for a moment, then back at Zelgadis. “Gods, I’m gonna hate myself for this…”

She swallowed hard, trying to take down the lump of fear and the feelings of pride and dignity that were saying, ‘ARE YOU CRAZY?!’

And kissed him.

When the two pulled away from each other, Zelgadis’ face was bright red, as was Lina’s.

“Lina-chan, you… me… I…” he stammered, stumbling over his words. **Oh, damn, Zelgadis… great time to be the articulate one!**

Lina looked down.

“Sorry,” she said quickly. “That was stupid, I shouldn’t have done that.”

She went to stand up and leave, but Zelgadis grabbed her wrist.

“Lina-chan…” he said quietly. “Do you honestly have… feelings for me?”

“Well, I…” Lina tried to say.

“Lina-chan, please answer me honestly.”

Lina sat back down again, looking nervous and thoughtful at the same time. She kissed him again, longer and far more passionately. Zelgadis, shocked, lost his balance and fell back, Lina landing on his chest. She pushed herself up a bit when she broke away.

“Does… that answer your question?”

Zelgadis shifted his weight suddenly, and before Lina knew it, he was leaning over her!

“I can only hope you know I feel the same.”

Everything happened far too fast for either to fathom. They were both naked before they knew it! Eyes as dark as the midnight sky met Lina’s bright red eyes. Zelgadis shook his head.

“This shouldn’t be happening…” he uttered, but Lina stopped his words with a soft kiss.

His chest pressed against her naked breasts and his legs moved between hers until she could feel his manliness probing gently.

Lina started to shake her head, but his lips went to her throat, and the touch of them pushed back her resistance. She laid her head back against his rolled up cloak as his lips moved down her neck and grazed the crowns of her breasts, nudging the already erect nipples. Somewhere in the forest, Lina swore she could hear some sort of creature snorting… deer perhaps?

“I may not return someday, when I go out on my own again, But if Death is waiting to claim me, he will be disappointed, for on my lips will be your name, and in my eyes will be your face…”


When he entered her, Lina gasped and actually started to cry, but his lips were over hers again. They moved in a gentle rhythm that grew stronger and stronger until they galloped toward an ecstatic explosion that made both of them moan.

Afterward, they lay beside each other, waiting for their breathing to slow. Then, Zelgadis turned onto his back.

“L-Sama bless you, Lina…” he murmured quietly.

Lina, in response, turned and draped her arm over his chest. With that, they both fell asleep, curled inside the safeness of Zelgadis’ bedroll.


The next morning, back at the ‘campsite’, Gourry was waking up to notice that there was an empty bedroll, beside of which was Lina’s normal outfit. He raised a curious brow.

“Where’d she go off to?” he wondered aloud. “And where’s Zel?”


Lina blinked dizzily a few times as she awoke, sunlight blazing into her eyes.

“Ack!” she cried weakly. “Bright, bright!”

Zelgadis stirred a little, moving his hand up to block the sun from his eyes.

“Gods, how late did I sleep?” he groaned.

In a sudden instant, the two looked at each other in shock.

“So… that wasn’t just a dream…” Lina stated in amazement.

“I was thinking the same thing!” exclaimed Zelgadis in response.

They both sat up, and Zel’s eyes drifted down. At about that point, his face grew red.

“What?” asked Lina, then noted… a slight draft. She looked down herself, her face reddening. “ACK!”

“Lina-chan, you… might want this…”

Zelgadis held out her shirt. Lina made it a point to shove Zelgadis’ pants into his arms as she took her own shirt.

“In that case, you might want these.”

Zelgadis’ face got even redder.

“You know, neither of us should be blushing…” he stated quietly. “It’s not like we didn’t see everything last night!”

Lina nodded, tugging on her shirt.

“Lina-san? Zelgadis-sama?”

The call from the woods caught both their attention. They knew that voice anywhere.

“Amelia!!” they both cried at once.

They broke the world speed record for getting dressed when they heard the approach of the princess. Lina grinned a bit, and leant over, planting one last lingering kiss on Zelgadis’ lips.

“Don’t you forget this, Zelgadis Graywords!”

She quickly ran towards the springs in the woods.

Zelgadis lifted his head as Amelia came out of the woods, just opposite of where Lina had exited quite hastily.

“Here you are, Zelgadis-sama,” she said. “Have you seen Lina-san?”

Zelgadis blinked.

“She went past on her way to the springs, but that’s it,” he shrugged. “Why?”

“When Gourry-san woke up about an hour ago, he said she wasn’t there.”

“You know Gourry. He could’ve been dreaming and he’d mistake it for reality.”

Amelia nodded a bit.

“Yeah…” she said. “I guess you’re right.”

She walked back towards the camp as Zel stood up, situating his bedroll. On the ground beside it, he found Lina’s headband.

With a wry smile, he too headed towards the springs.


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