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Zelgadis talks about Nepha.


Starting out someone who was afraid of life.
My life was a living hell.
Given a freakish face, the appearance disgusted even me.
The first thought in my mind: who could love a man of stone?

Then, five more years passed, things happened.
Five years that I wish I could erase from my life.
You came along, and at first I felt nothing.
Then, the one thing I never expected happened.

You cared, you fell in love with me.
And I, I fell in love with you.
I never wanted to see you get hurt.
I never wanted to see the day I could lose you.

Things happened, and gradually I changed.
Gradually, I became protective and I tried my hardest.
I tried my hardest to be the man you needed.
Finally, you proved someone could love a man of stone.
Iím sorry.

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