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Hosted by: Vrumugun and Netalia

Vrumugun>> Greetings. I know. You're probably wondering why a copy and some girl are in charge of this page. Your explaination is soon to come. The girl you see is my daughter, Netalia.

Netalia>> Father and I are here to explain some differences between the series itself and the Slayers, Mystic Blade story series, which starts itself off somewhere in Vol. 5.

Vrumugun>> Well, here goes nothing. . .

I'm not exactly sure, but in the series, he's supposed to be a monster servant priest type thing. I don't even have an inkling of a clue as to who Xellas is, but without the s, it's Xella, and in my stories, that's Xellos' twin sister! The two are the grandchildren of the Black Priest (one of the five great priests) and identical in just about every aspect. They're both tricksters, secretive, and have the ever famous quote of "sore wa, himitsu desu" (that is a secret)! They're the tricksters, the mysterious priest and priestess, and enjoy a good laugh over all else. Not much really changes, other than a little of the background. :)

In the series, he seems to have a crush on Sylphiel. In the stories, he falls in love with the half-Felinic princess, Nepha. Later, due to the fact that he's 'The One,' he is crowned Prince of Feli. What a lucky guy. :)

All Those Copies and Dead Folks. . .
No copies here, except for a Rezo copy that makes an appearance and fights the real one! Vrumugun is from a race I devised from something Zangulus called him in the second ep of Vol. 5: a phoenix. It'll be explained at a later date. And guess what? REZO LIVES!!

Nope, this isn't Rezo's girlfriend in MY stories. She's the student of Rezo, and his wife Tannah! I like it that way because Tannah is cool and I didn't like Eris. >P

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