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The Xellos Shrine

Hosted by: Xellos' twin sister Xella (except for when Xellos decides to be a little egomaniac)

Xella>> Greetings! I am Xella, mysterious priestess. Yes, you've probably heard something quite similar to that before, and that would be from my twin brother Xellos.

Xellos>> Xella. . .WHAT are you DOING?!

Xella>> I'm introducing YOUR shrine. What does it look like?

Xellos>> Oops, sorry. Proceed.

Xella>> As I was saying. This is a page dedicated to a shrine of Xellos. Other than Zelgadis and Rezo, he's one of Nepha's favorite characters.

Xellos>> Mark that, there's only three. To her, Rezo is creepy-like cool, Zelgadis is sexy, and I'm the most kawaii character she's ever seen. *cute look* ^.^

Xella>> *anime sweatdrop* -.-() Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy what we have. So far. . .it's pictures, wow. Pictures and a little explaination of Xellos from the stories. Also a nice little Xellos club, run by yours truly! Have fun!

Xellos Pictures, Sounds, and Fanart - Pictures, sounds, and fanart of Xellos.

Explaination - I forget what he really is, but this is the deal behind Xell and a few others in my stories. . .

The Xellos Fanclub - A club for all you Xelly fans out there! Run back!

Xella>> Looky, Xellos! An adopted chibi of you!
Xellos>> Geh.
Xella>> Go to the links page and go to the Temple of Anime, to the Slayers Shrine, to adopt your own Chibi Slayer!

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