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Various Side-Stories!

Hosted by Auburn Lawrence and Jette Matthews

Aub>> ... Jette, why did we let Nepha drag us into this?

Jette>> We're being paid overtime.

Aub>> Ohhhh... that explains... *notes that expectant readers are looking at her* Oops!!! ^_^;;;;; Aheheheheh... didn't hear you come in!

Jette>> T_T;;; Bright, Auburn.

Aub>> Well... Anyhow... This is where the stories that have absolutely nothing to do with one of the two series of stories here go.

Jette>> Including stories written by request, and the Glomps!

Aub>> Have fun. Remember, stories with a beside them are lemony! As in... for mature audiences only.

Jette>> Enjoy!!

When A Writer Gets Stuck in Her Stories
The story needs no description, just read and enjoy.

Side Story
This story was written as a request by Zoey (the creator of said character ^_^). She's a fan of the Lina/Zel coupling, so this was written for her. WARNING! This story is for mature readers only.

When A Writer Becomes Bored In Her Stories, Part 1
WARNING!!!!! This is a lemon. Read forward at your own risk!

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
This charming song-fic was written after the heart of the wonderful song of the same title, as sung by Bryan Adams. ^_^ Go Zel and Nepha...
Aub>> And for an extra treat, we present to you... Mystical Slayers Theatre 3000!

Jette>> The charas take a crack at the fanfics for a change!

MST3K #1
The guys take a crack at NEWS FLASH! Nepha the Preppy Princess!

Run back!
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